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Crawford® Adjusters Help UK Flood Victims Rebuild

Steve Smout, senior loss adjuster for Crawford & Company®, has extensive experience handling flood claims and was one of the first adjusters on the scene when the… 992 more words


Foolyman rescues crazed catty Fluffle.

Mrs. Jingles, that funny nosy old neighbor, was nowhere to be seen. Her crazed catty Fluffle had wandered into Foolyman’s backyard, and was now yowling like the dickens high up in the tipsy pine tree. 133 more words


"The only ones I envy about this whole thing are the ones who are dead."

During the Los Angeles Coroner’s Inquest, William Mulholland said, “this inquest is a very painful for me to have to attend but it is the occasion of that is painful. 306 more words

Write It Forward

New blog. New topics.

I had a blog a while back. Before toddlerhood and before marriage. It mostly consisted of reviews on booze and whatever recipe I was currently concocting. 97 more words

The Age of Fear

This is the age we live in, the Age of Fear.

Fear of offending someone.

Fear of saying the wrong thing.

Fear of not being good enough. 282 more words

Turning Points

Turning Points

In our life’s journey, 

time to time, 

we come across 

many a turning points! 

Some major happening behind it – 

a huge catastrophe  95 more words


Foolyman can't undisentangle a power cord.

Foolyman couldn’t undisentangle the notty twistardly power cord.

“I can’t believe this!”

The uncordial cord catastrophe was so beknotted and clumpered, flusterable Fooly fripfumbled for ten minutes laboriously grip-grappling. 18 more words