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The Exceptionalism Virus

I firmly believe that, in order to be an activist, you must be an optimist. Many of the greatest figures in human history appeared to possess both the optimism and commitment to their cause that made them appear super-human. 1,131 more words

Crawford Adjusters Clock Up the Miles in Highlands and Islands

At the start of January, the majority of Crawford’s U.K. commercial and personal lines claims work was in Scotland’s Islands and Highlands as a result of the stormy weather. 400 more words


Alien Reconnaissance Report on Planet Earth

(Translated excerpts pertaining to the era of 20,000 b.p. to the present)

Section IV:   Advanced Information Processing Species

A.    Human Beings

1.   Ecological Type ( 164 more words


Estimates claim that nearly 40% of Americans will be ...

“Estimates claim that nearly 40% of Americans will be exposed to a catastrophic event during their lifetime.” Cody Lundin.

Not only do catastrophes happen in nature (tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding, tsunamis, forest fires, etc.), but what about an unexpected financial crisis? 253 more words


How NOT to D&D #3

One of my players read the first two of these, and asked me why I’d called it ‘How NOT to D&D’, since the game was running just fine. 3,057 more words


“Global System Catastrophe” Is Key Threat To Human Civilization

Source: Gold Core

Recent research undertaken by scientists in Oxford University to identify possible threats to human civilisation has identified “system-wide failures caused by the structure of the network” as one of twelve major threats. 216 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence