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Among Others by Trac Vu

We stared at the camera with smiles

of survivors, dressed in Christian

charities’ shirts and pants. Between English

classes conducted by relief workers,

we learned that what we had lost-we… 148 more words



Dear D,

Love is not about just saying “I Love You” to one certain person. It’s more than that. It’s helping, supporting, being there for them, standing by their side no matter what happens and doing anything you can do for them. 132 more words


A Mortal Catastrophe

My life is nothing like I imagined it to be

I never planned any of this

Believe you me

It’s not what one would think… 221 more words


Self Blame Versus Self Actualization

Are you accountable for everything that happens in your life?

The Moment of Decision

Catastrophic events require major decisions for which we may be totally unprepared probably because we thought they would never happen to us. 639 more words


Report: Germany to require citizens to stockpile supplies in case of catastrophe

A civil defense plan to be debated by the cabinet would require citizens to stockpile supplies in case of a catastrophe. The plan says people should prepare for an unlikely event that “could threaten our existence.” 83 more words


Irrational Fears and Simple Realities

It happened again.  It all started at approximately 10:30 pm Thursday night.  Out of nowhere the crazy, irrational, catastrophizing thoughts about flying began entering my head.   668 more words


How to Survive in Any Catastrophe

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Nothing makes most creative human beings who face their worst fears. adverse circumstances can not be solved by the use of homogeneous actions. 536 more words