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Amsterdam: Kill, Kill, Kill

It’s not raining or cold.  What winter is this?  A storm broke the gate and swatted my flimsy shed, but the wind was a warm slap not an ice fist.  1,414 more words


Trio of Streaming Originals Create Challenges, Opportunities Behind the Camera

Peak TV has been keeping demand high for first-rate television crews. Among the major players in the mix have been streaming services like Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu, which release top-quality original content year-round. 504 more words


Fiction: ‘Destruction’

When I came to, the first thing I saw was a brilliant yellow sky dappled with fleeing birds. They were racing away in flocks that didn’t normally fly together. 547 more words


'Game Night' Gains Another Player In Sharon Horgan

EXCLUSIVE: More contestants continue to join New Line/Warner Bros’ Jason Bateman-Rachel McAdams comedy Game Night, with Catastrophe Emmy nominee Sharon Horgan set to play Sarah, the date  163 more words

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6 times Catastrophe nailed the reality of modern parenting

It has taken a while, but my wife and I have now finally got to the stage where we are able to put our son to bed and then head downstairs to wolf down dinner, collapse on the sofa and catch up on the TV series that everyone without kids was talking about 18-36 months ago. 891 more words


After the seventh cultural period the earth will be visited by a catastrophe

The transformations in the things of the earth existing outside the human being occur with a certain relationship to humanity’s own evolution. After the seventh cultural period (5733-7893) has run its course, the earth will be visited by a catastrophe that may be likened to what occurred between the Atlantean and post-Atlantean ages, and the transformed earth conditions after this catastrophe will again evolve in seven time periods. 266 more words


The Great British Catastrophe: Channel 4 announce new GBBO presenters

Since the nation was sent into turmoil following the heartbreaking news that GBBO was being sent to Channel 4, we have all been waiting for the dreaded news of who would be replacing NOT ONLY Mel and Sue, but Mary Berry too. 308 more words