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Sad Coincidence: Tragedy in Nepal on Richter Scale Day

You’ve probably all heard the tragic news that reached us from Nepal two days ago. An earthquake with a force of 7.8 (Richter Scale) destroyed vast parts of Nepal, killing more than 1900 people. 590 more words


Make Money

You never know when financial catastrophe – job loss, sickness or natural disaster – will happen. But you can take a some simple steps to be prepared, just in case.

Assessing the Damage When the Levee Breaks

Many will remember the winter of 2015 as one featuring ice dams, burst water pipes, and the threat of roof collapse. But whether from snowstorm, flood, or leaky plumbing fixture, water damage is an event that occurs throughout the year — accounting for a whopping 22% of all homeowners insurance claims and averaging $4,000 a claim, according to the I.I.I. 391 more words

Contents Claims


You and I,
We were misfits
Not fit
To stick
To anything.
Except perhaps
Each other.

Were my incoming traffic
Was your catastrophe… 24 more words


Rose-Colored Glasses

She was shivering in the dark, in the cold; the rain beat down, had been coming down for days, then, and left her feeling like she’d never, never be warm and dry. 164 more words


The Blood Moon Theology

Yes, it’s time again for the “end-time prophets” to announce about some obvious natural phenomena which will come again and again and again, as a sign of major traumatic things that will happen either to Israel or the whole world. 2,246 more words



My thoughts have turned quite suddenly to the precarious nature of our existence not just individually but as a global civilization. I won’t get into the details or delve into the reasons for my rekindled fears but suffice it to say that fear of death and o impermanence have proven to be the greatest spiritual catalysts in this lifetime. 149 more words