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I recommend the Channel 4 sitcom Catastrophe to James. Well, I was going to recommend it to James, but he’s already seen it. Perhaps I’ll recommend that he continues watching it, as it would be a shame for him to miss the last episode of the series, which is airing next Wednesday. 532 more words


The Frost of Heaven

From whose womb has come the ice?
And the frost of heaven, who has given it birth?
(Job 38:29 NASB)

We got snowed in on last weekend’s camping trip! 1,231 more words


Featuring Down's Syndrome doesn't have to be a Catastrophe (har de har har)

This week I watched the Channel 4 comedy, Catastrophe. I’m behind on most things that air after 9pm, so thank the modern world for catch up. 784 more words

Down's Syndrome

A Word for Those Who Lay Awake at Night Wondering What Tomorrow May Bring

Every day, programs on TV, radio, and electronic media-feeds bombard us with news of the latest threats and attacks, both foreign and domestic. The stock market surges and crashes. 139 more words

Modern Society

What do they know anyway?

You know, “they” say a lot of stuff. They talk a lot of smack. They must not have much life experience…..

They say everything happens for a reason… They say that life only throws what you can handle at you. 375 more words


The Beast in the Jungle by Henry James (Short Story Analysis)

“The Beast in the Jungle follows a man named John Marcher, who is
obsessed with some unknown catastrophe that he thinks will happen
in his life. 622 more words


What Else is On?: Ep. 21: Darryl Johnston Talks Doctor Who, QI, Peep Show and More


Gregor is joined by Darryl Johnston, host of Who New and Review for Galactic Netcasts and they talk about some great British Tele including Doctor Who, QI, Have I Got News For You and Peep Show. 32 more words

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