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Don't Worry About Car Crashes, You're Just Going to Die in an Extinction Event

Here’s a cheery thought: you are more likely to die in a human extinction event than in a fatal automobile accident.

That’s according to the… 154 more words


Failing Forward

The older I get, the less I view failure as the end of the world. Yeah, it’s depressing, or at the very least embarrassing, but I’ve been shown over and over again that things that might seem as though they are a catastrophe while they’re happening are generally happening for a very good reason. 272 more words


Uncle Nate's Storytime #3: Bring the Pain, Chapter One

Tusk editor Nate Waggoner– that’s me– has gone mad with power and started posting original new fiction as a regular feature on here. This is the beginning of something. 1,415 more words


Blue Water Danger in the Arctic

Excellent tutorial on the ongoing Arctic unraveling from Paul Beckwith who you can find at PaulBeckwith.net with a chilling reference to the inevitable desperate geo-engineering possibilities. 64 more words


Underlinings (#53)

On the K/T-missile and its impact:

In one of the greatest titled books ever, T. rex and the Crater of Doom, Walter Alvarez told the story of how he and his nobel prize-winning physicist father Luis revolutionised our understanding of the end of the dinosaurs. 254 more words


: ka--holy shit--BOOM :

Thirty years ago today, Chernobyl blew sky high.

And what did we learn from this catastrophe? Well, hmm, pretty much nothing. The clean-up is erratic and disorganized; nuclear incidents carry on at a steady rate; Arctic sea-ice melt proceeds unabated, and 93% of the Great Barrier Reef is bleached due to warmer ocean temperatures. 39 more words