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Buckle Up and Cut the Crap, we're on the 'Belt Road' to Armageddon.

“The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) simply blows out of the water anything else that’s been attempted in human history.”
“As currently planned, it will involve some 7,000 separate infrastructure or extractive industry projects scattered across 70-odd nations, with a total price-tag of $8 trillion. 821 more words

Abrupt Climate Change

What if…?

I didn’t get much sleep on Saturday night as I had litany of ‘What if’s’ running on a loop through my brain.  So every time I closed my eyes I ran through another what if scenario.   401 more words

’18 A To Z Challenge – Flood

Unless the Mayan calendar apocalypse comes to pass, my little home town, situated where a river meets a lake, will never have a flood.

Lake Huron’s levels are closely monitored and controlled by the St. 788 more words


Mouse Story: A Must Read-Very Powerful Message

A mouse looked through the crack in the wall to see the farmer and his wife opened a package.

“What food might this contain?” The mouse wondered. 467 more words


"Saints Are Sinners Who Kept On Going" - new podcast story

The town of Cabot Coven is famous, in a way that is never discussed by anyone. It’s a small town of about three and a half thousand people, about two hundred and fifty miles north of Boston, on the Penobscot Bay. 682 more words



The thermos mug is now virtually empty. The coffee is becoming unkind to the mouth. Cold is ruling the room. There is silence in the room. 701 more words