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Meow Meow

I’ve never seen a bird that looked anything like a cat, but the namer of this one thought differently, and we ended up with

the Grey Catbird


June Birds

Mid-June brought a lot of rain and cloudy skies with gaps when it’s possible to get out and see the birds! Although we didn’t see many ducks, except for a few mallards, there were a number of birds to be seen on the trails. 30 more words

Dependable Dads

Ezekiel 31:6

We love gray catbirds in my home.  Just now I heard one singing in our backyard.  Our love for them has grown as they’ve shown their great curiosity about us.   309 more words


Nearly every morning this spring, and I’m sure the trend will continue into summer and fall, with the windows open to welcome the cooling night air, lacking AC, I hear the rambling song of a catbird. 240 more words


A Couple of Elusive Birds

All spring and summer there are a couple of birds I’ve heard and wanted to photograph.  They have not been cooperative.  The woodpecker hasn’t been all that hard to spot when I don’t have my camera, but as soon as I get the camera out, he’s gone.  79 more words


A delicate subject.

Share this, share that, share everything. In our current social media-centric culture, we are encouraged to announce who we are, our motives, our likes, and our dislikes without ever having met the recipient of our introduction. 403 more words