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Before the Sun is Lost

Here’s a part of my today.


There’s always dusk,
when the shadows stretch
across the porch

like a splay of soft blankets
A catbird, gray as ash, 50 more words


Dining Alone

This Red-bellied Woodpecker showed up yesterday and left little room for doubt that he would be dining alone.

The recipient of his “Don’t mess with me!” attitude was this Gray Catbird, who was already on the branch when the Woodpecker arrived.¬† 97 more words


North-side Backyard and Bughouse Square, May 9 and 10

My wife saw a Gray Catbird and a Blue Jay in Bughouse Square (also present were sparrows and pigeons). This was at about 12:30pm.

In our backyard, we saw a pair of Gray Catbirds and an Ovenbird. 61 more words

The catbirds are back

And oh, how I love them. These noisy creatures migrate south in September and don’t return until May, so they are the essence of summer to me. 62 more words



Mother’s Day is just around the corner and what better way to show your appreciation than to shower your mother with jewelry.


WCBO: April 21-22 2015

The deluge finally ended on Monday and we have had two nice weather days, which allowed me to open the nets after work on both days. 26 more words