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Grey Catbird

The beautiful Catbird has been a regular the past few weeks. He also has a companion with him much of the time. I love this because they are one of my favorite birds. 12 more words


Gray Catbird

Cat Birds come and go in my backyard. I will see them for a couple of weeks then they disappear. Then they come back and I will see them every day for another couple of weeks. 19 more words


Golden-crowned Sparrow

I get a daily email from eBird that lists rare sighting of birds in Texas (nerdy, I know) and over the weekend people began turning in sightings at Palo Duro Canyon of a Golden-crowned Sparrow, the first ever recorded there or in the Texas Panhandle, according to ebird. 70 more words



Jim found this lovely catbird for me. If you look at the logo in the upper left, it says “SINGER MANFG. CO. ” Beneath the words is a needle and thread design. 161 more words


Birding with my Daughter

Last week my youngest daughter and I went to Palo Duro Canyon in Randall Co., TX. I took my camera and we spent the morning there, hiking and climbing and birding. 68 more words


Don’t mistake for a cat in the bushes

The Gray Catbirds in the backyard don’t seem to have any interest in the bird feeders but prefer to forage for insects while keeping to themselves most of the time hidden away in the dense foliage. 42 more words