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Blue-ice Twig

I took a lot of frames on the day the trees froze.

I like the tiny fractures or crazing in the ice on the twig, which shows up in this macro shot. 60 more words


Let There be Ice!

We had a snap of cold weather a little over a week ago. I was in Portland at an independent author’s conference (PDX Indie Uncon) through some of it. 76 more words


The Beauty of Black and White

I love black and white photos.

I’m not sure if it’s because of the bygone eras that they evoke, or what. Although I wonder if the root may be the black and white TV I grew up watching…Fodder for another post someday there. 102 more words


Cocky Rooster

This is my brother and his family’s rooster. He’s a pretty boy, but he’s gotten cocky and mean as he’s aged. Now he’s nice to look at, but don’t turn your back on him. 45 more words


Donkey George

This is my friend Paty’s donkey, George.

George is a true character. I’ve featured him on this blog several times.

I’m posting this shot for no particular reason, other than I like it, I like animals – donkeys included. 120 more words



This is our great niece. She is one of my favorite people to photograph. She has an expressive face and my camera loves her.

This is her full-on laugh. 42 more words


Have You Lost Your Marbles?

Have you lost your marbles? No? Don’t have marbles to begin with? Well neither do I, but after watching this video I am off to my local hobby store to get some now. 114 more words