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Catch Photo & Release Catch and release is a practice within recreational angling intended as a act of conservation. After a fish is caught it is unhooked and returned to the water before exhaustion or serious injury.   1,392 more words

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... Placing Our Soldiers in Danger [#terrorist releases]...

.. it puts a new spin on ” Catch and Release ” …

.. ..
.. to the cartoon …

.. nice going POTUS ! … You are going to have this wrapped around the DemoCraps ‘ necks come election time , next time around ….

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Catch and Kill/Release på foton? Hur funkar det?8/3-16

Nu sticker jag möjligen ut hakan en smula med detta inlägg. Men kör i vind för det.

Det är inte så att mitt inlägg är till för att stöta sig med någon. 1,119 more words

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the International Catch and Release logo- Again and again and again

first published here on TLC Feb. 13 2012, thanks to a recent reply from Tracey Diaz of caltrout.org we can finally give credit to the creator of the International Catch and Release logo that’s been viewed and shared all over the world. 296 more words

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The Magical Berkley® PowerBait®

A significant amount of knowledge is required when it comes down to the art of luring. For the angler that has tirelessly casted his/her lure to tempt various species, finally unearthing the secrets could mean essential information that they hold dearly– and at times unwilling to share. 1,155 more words

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It snowed more or less all weekend. This morning it was freezing cold -9.5 °C (13 °F). But it was simply beautiful. I took some pics. 433 more words


I wanted to tell you guys about my favorite movie. I think it has a great message if you really watch it and pay attention to what’s going on. 708 more words