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The Day I Told My Kids No More TV { by Sarah Pierce • guest post }

It all started pretty innocently. It was a really cold winter, and it felt like it would never end. I had a little baby/toddler (not sure what you define a 1-year old as), I was still nursing constantly (day and night…even more at night than day), I was homeschooling two rugrats who would prefer to not do any schoolwork whatsoever and teaching Jazzercise five or more times a week. 1,581 more words


That One More Day

My family and I have the benefit of flying with flight benefits, allowing us to travel standby. When flights are open–with a lot of seats–it’s super!   520 more words


What happens when you catch a firefly? You catch a poem as well. (Write Every Day, 24)

I remember those dog-days of my childhood summers back east, when we languished in front of the TV all day long, trying to escape the heat and the humidity. 134 more words



Summer!      —by Jinny Batterson

Our calendar and our weather sometimes seem out of sync these days. Spring-like days occur during what is officially labeled “winter.” Winter resurges sometimes during officially calendared “spring.” Inklings of summer can pop up at almost any time of year.  756 more words

Reflecting Pool

Jumping into the baby blue Ford pickup, to ride out with Uncle Isaac and Aunt Gilly to Wolf Lake was always a welcome adventure. At seven years old, I had already figured out the beauty of catching fireflies in an empty mason jar. 252 more words