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Flightless Bird, Dancing

He dances like a flightless bird
Imitating his aviator friends.
Is he crazy,
Or the last sane one?

When he meets the ground,
His mouth hidden from view, 58 more words


Bell X1 - The Upswing

Another favorite from Catching Fireflies and 2017. 276 more words


Mumford and Sons - Hopeless Wanderer

And from my favorite playlist… Catching Fireflies… perhaps… perhaps… a preview of an upcoming song of the week? 313 more words


Dancing with the Fireflies in Bhandardara!

Imagine a star-studded sky. Imagine it is so close to you. Imagine the stars dancing. Imagine catching a star. Imagine a star playing and moving on your hand. 114 more words


The Day I Told My Kids No More TV { by Sarah Pierce • guest post }

It all started pretty innocently. It was a really cold winter, and it felt like it would never end. I had a little baby/toddler (not sure what you define a 1-year old as), I was still nursing constantly (day and night…even more at night than day), I was homeschooling two rugrats who would prefer to not do any schoolwork whatsoever and teaching Jazzercise five or more times a week. 1,581 more words


That One More Day

My family and I have the benefit of flying with flight benefits, allowing us to travel standby. When flights are open–with a lot of seats–it’s super!   520 more words


What happens when you catch a firefly? You catch a poem as well. (Write Every Day, 24)

I remember those dog-days of my childhood summers back east, when we languished in front of the TV all day long, trying to escape the heat and the humidity. 134 more words