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Change (2)...

Changing your life for the good is not a very easy task as it may sound or as you may think or as it may seems. 495 more words

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Religion of our time (21st Century)...

Looking at Religion in the 21st Century especially (Christianity).

Why is it most rich people want to sponsor or assist people who are already rich or living better lives while those facing real struggles are desperately in need of help out there. 1,077 more words

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Finding Love (2)

How I always tell people to choose their life partners or relationship partners with caution. Many are not in love or happy in love because they are looking for the wrong people and they are looking for the right things in wrong people. 392 more words

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Love (3)...

Love is something we are all born with. Never go around and search for love but first have love within you. If you can not have love working you then never expect to find love around. 334 more words

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Finding your Purpose...

You may know God created you with great potential, but you can’t stop there. You have to develop your potential. I believe many people aren’t happy because they are not doing anything to develop their potential. 326 more words

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Let us talk about change or changes, do we really know what change is? What is our definition for change? What do we look at to conclude that someone has changed or something has changed? 673 more words

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Importance of Categories and Tags 

  • I think that using categories and tags are very important to creating a website that is effective. You could use categories to sort through all your topics so that they are all organized.
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