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Categories and Tags

Adding categories and tags is simple. All you have to do is create a new post or go into an existing one, click on the Categories & Tags tab, click add a new category. 33 more words


Category and Tags

Adding category and tags is very easy.  I will first show you how to add a categories and then tag. In the picture below on the left hand side there is a panel with six tabs, one of those options begin categories and tags. 74 more words


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Still testing.  How does one FTP the template to the other website?

Category and Tag Makeover Project Update

Roughly two months ago I wrote a post about my Category and Tag makeover project. The good news is I’ve reduced the number of categories  from an unknown number of more than three hundred but less than a thousand, to eight. 584 more words


Blog For Build A Website Class 19/08/2015!

In class today we had a refresher in the morning of both Categories and Tags for our posts on our blogs.  We also played around with widgets.   28 more words

Competency Task 1

Blog For Build A Website Class 5/08/2015!

In last week’s class for Build A Website Class on the 5/08/2015.  We learnt about customising our friends list on Facebook in relation to our news feed etc.   103 more words

Competency Task 1

Blog For Build A Website Class 22/07/2015!

In Build A Website class on the 22/05/2015.  We had a bit of a look at wordpress, which will be used for our blogs.  Plus the use of the sidebar was touched on for Tags, Categories, Embedding Twitter feeds, plus sharing posts from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest in relation to Social Media was briefly touched on. 47 more words