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Bonjour Teg!

I am still dreaming about Saint-Tropez, and enjoying the memories. My best friend Kim and I, want to buy a house at the Côte d’Azur later and spend our summers in there. 165 more words


5 Ways To Ease Anxiety.

There’s are many people who suffer from anxiety including myself. I class it as mild, as it creeps up after my phobia shows up. I found that taking these step helped me to go out more, and socialise freely. 313 more words


A Graduation Wish

The high school commencement speaker was the president of a large corporation. He was chosen for the occasion because of his success. Yet his speech came with a most unusual wish for the graduates. 238 more words


Portland, OR: Keepin' it Weird

Portland is a very cool city with a vibe I haven’t found anywhere else! It is surrounded by water and forestry that creates a beautiful backdrop for downtown where you can find great food, drinks, shopping, and entertainment. 1,378 more words


American College Decided

Is President Trump going the right way or the wrong way. American decided, but electoral college took the day. His cabinet is been heated up,and are been torn apart. 70 more words



Bonjour Teg!

You know how you sometimes can’t help but think that things must happen for a reason. Yesterday was definitely one of those days. I had bought this blue dress with lemons at a second-hand clothing store back in Rotterdam, because I had seen it in the shop’s display and it was love at first sight. 508 more words


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