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Genre|Can we please stop calling it ‘alt’ RnB.

Alternative R&B. PBR&B (Pabst Blue Ribbon/Rhythm & Blues). Hipster R&B. R-Neg-B. Indie R&B. Urban contemporary.

Alternative R&B, also referred to as PBR&B, indie R&B, and hipster R&B, is a term used by music journalists to describe an emerging, stylistic alternative to contemporary R&B. 560 more words


Word of the week: Patience

There are two versions of the phrase – either patience is a virtue or impatience is. I would invite you to answer the question but I can quickly imagine it would be something along the lines of ‘Well…it depends…’. 147 more words

The DSM and ICD with regards to Asperger's and the Autistic Spectrum Disorder classification

This is from something I said in response to a post on Reddit in /r/aspergirls.  There is a lot more that I would like to say, and I know that this is very basic, but I wanted to post it because (to me, at least) it is a very interesting discussion starting point. 431 more words