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A photograph to inspire poetry: Categorization

This photograph is of a plant with yellow flowers and orange flower buds.  This plant is considered a weed.  This categorization however, could be interpreted to imply a negative quality.  224 more words


Desert Staples: Lichen

Look at just about any cliff or boulder around the American Southwest, and you’ll probably see at least one variety of lichen clinging to the surface. 105 more words


The Limits of Limitations: The Projection List's TV Problem

Debuting today, The Projection List is presented as a resource tool: on one site, users can find theatrical, OnDemand, and Retail release dates for what looks generally to be the vast majority of motion pictures. 1,047 more words


Why do we feel the need to categorize people?

Why do we put people in certain boxes? Why do we feel the need to label every single thing? Why do we categorize?

A couple of weeks ago the local newspaper wrote an article about how we are prejudiced. 783 more words