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Euro Fixture™ Mood Lighting Plush

Spotlighting on this Endcap of Plush calls out the product, while the more moodily lit balance of the store provides a dramatic  backdrop. Look down the aisles to see that even there spotlighting lights up the offerings, while unmerchandised space is dark with drama. 662 more words

Store Fixtures


“Who am I?” I type this sounding out the words in my goofy voice, but that doesn’t make the question any less important. We put a lot of stress on knowing who we are, in every way possible, and the assessment of this is not always accurate or productive. 866 more words



Title: Investigate Culture-Specific Object Categorization with Eye-Tracking

Date: June, 2009 – August, 2012

Summary: Our team wanted to look at how oriental people group objects differently than western people. 319 more words


Aesop® Category Definition Lax

I love the Aesop® shop fixturing. But the similarity of all packaging does not entice me to browse. From a distance, category definition and signage might have drawn me to areas of interest… 787 more words

Store Fixtures

My Cringeworthy Fling with Pejoratives

I kind of sort of did something I regret.

Remember when I said that I love stepping into character and seeing from someone else’s perspective? Well, sometimes it ends up being a situation in which I cringe at the uncertainty of what I’ve just done.  773 more words


Young Adult (YA) or New Adult (NA)?

When the New Adult genre was first introduced people were both skeptical and ecstatic. Finally there was a named category for books that occurred in the time period between teendom and adulthood. 1,257 more words


A photograph to inspire poetry: Categorization

This photograph is of a plant with yellow flowers and orange flower buds.  This plant is considered a weed.  This categorization however, could be interpreted to imply a negative quality.  224 more words