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Elizavecca Hellpore Oil Mist | Review


Today I will be doing a product review from the Korean beauty brand Elizavecca Milkypiggy’s Hell-Pore Water Up Peptide EGF Mist One Button (150ml) 805 more words


Weight Loss

My niche is in wellness and health, and I found out that losing weight don’t have to be a struggle for anyone. All you need is the right attitude which is a positive approach, a plan and stop doing what you have been doing.


Let's Talk About Image. (Pt 1)

When I say ‘Image’ what do people think of? Photographs? Television? The kind of image I want to discuss is the image that people cultivate for themselves in order to be, well, worshiped. 707 more words


[Trans-fic][MarkJin] Case Unclosed: The lost boy in Hyungdo Massacre – Incident 14

Cuối cùng thì phiên xét xử thứ hai cũng tới. Park JinYoung vô cùng bấp bênh và lo lắng phiên tòa này sẽ đem cuộc đời cậu đi về đâu. 12,980 more words


So. America. We need to talk.

America is currently a nation divided. We’ve had our differences in the past, but usually, everything’s worked out alright. That’s because we were on top. I won’t say we aren’t still the most powerful nation on Earth, because by… 690 more words


Island Insight

Hello, everyone!

Today, I have another blog category to unveil to you all! I am particularly excited to announce this one. I bet you have guessed the name of it already… 262 more words

Club Penguin

Final Graphic design

In Final graphic design subject, My task is create an awareness event about silat in Malaysia. The name of the event is “Silat Malaya” and it focus on Malaysian Silat which is under Malaysia National Silat Federation (PESAKA). 217 more words