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Layoffs Continue: Caterpillar Lays Off Hundreds

In what is a sign of things to come, another giant of industry lays off hundreds of employees.

Caterpillar lays off hundreds of employees in several states in the US, and some jobs in China. 49 more words

Poetry 101 Rehab: Changes

In response to the Poetry 101 Rehab with the word prompt Changes

my short poem

From a “beast” to a beauty

Tiny eggs, almost invisible… 20 more words


A Tragic Short- The Caterpillar

My niece’s birthday party was yesterday. It was a lot of fun and there were a bunch of kiddos in the pool because it was like ridiculously HOT! 211 more words

Tragic Shorts


by Owen Pirch

I was strolling around doing what caterpillars do when suddenly I noticed a poster, a huge poster. Well, if you saw it, it would probably be small. 489 more words

Short Story

metamorph con't

here are early stages of the caterpillar before becoming a chrysalis. it’s interesting to see how the water colors have become flattened after using my low-end scanner. 25 more words



i decided (rather, Adonai prompted me)  to make my own story without words using the photos taken by my wife of a caterpillar morphing into a monarch. 8 more words


what is this caterpillar?

On one of our trips to a local park, the kids found this very colorful caterpillar.  (Well really the caterpillar found little H and I plucked it from his shirt and moved the little guy to a nearby leaf.)  Not knowing what the species was at the time, we decided to make some general observations and take photos so we could investigate later. 204 more words