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Grey's Co-Stars Talk Owen and Carina, a Cristina Comeback and the Fun of 'Practicing Not Being Married'

No one could blame Grey’s Anatomy viewers if they asked to be prescribed mild sedatives after last Thursday’s episode found both Owen and Amelia falling into out-of-left-field hookups 353 more words


Grey’s Anatomy- Better Than Ever (S.14 Ep.3 Recap)

By: Lauren Mitchell, Editor in Chief

Edited by: Ariana Angradi (Staff Editor) and Maddie Ballan (Staff Television Review Writer/ Editor)

Every Thursday at 8, over seven million fans of the renowned show Grey’s Anatomy turn on their televisions eagerly, with popcorn and a glass of wine in hand. 476 more words


Grey's' Caterina Scorsone: Tumorless Amelia Is More Fearless, 'Less Angry'

In Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy, Nathan, taking Meredith’s suggestion that he make a “grand gesture” to prove his love to Megan, 990 more words