Savory Baked Apples

Recently cooked for a student ministries fundraiser dinner, which by the way was a success! One of the side dishes was a favorite. So I thought I would share it with you to enjoy! 230 more words

Side Dish

Vendor Spotlight: Chef360 Catering

Chef Peter Collins with Chef360 Catering believes in the details, and being a catering service that doesn’t miss a single thing to make your event perfect. 237 more words

Vendor Spotlight

What is the link between Kepler-452b, anti-senescence genes and the new policy of the Ministry of Environment in Germany?

Who can afford a ticket to the newly discovered planet Kepler-452b or the anti-senescence genes found in the crocodile DNA? Not a bunch of people. For now and for more decades to come, we and our children have one finite planet and life. 700 more words


Meet Divine Johnson 

My name is Divine Johnson but I prefer to be called Divny. My nicknames vary from time to time depending on where I am or what I am doing, so I do not stick to any of them. 227 more words

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