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Raising Monarchs

I wrote in an earlier post that I was volunteering at Beaver Creek Reserve’s Butterfly House Lab. This is a followup on that experience. Prepare to learn about raising monarch caterpillars! 737 more words



I’m going to start a ~photo a day challenge~ to test my creativity and hone my photography and editing skills. And what better way to do that than by taking AT LEAST one picture a day! 105 more words


Rewrite: Tragedy to Comedy

From where I stand, a tragedy is an unfinished story.

No matter how long, no matter how many pages . . . if the happy ending has not been reached, it is an unfinished story. 149 more words

Story Time

Protecting Pollinators

Like many people in the neighborhood who Save the pollinators, make people aware of the issues with bees and Chard Your Yard, I discovered how interesting and fun it is to find the little monarch eggs on my milkweed. 46 more words


I have a few photographs to add today. ¬†They may not be the best quality, but that doesn’t matter, as it’s the subject of the photos that’s exciting for me! ¬† 378 more words

Spark Plug RB77WPCC Champion

Genuine Spark Plug Champion PN: RB77WPCC


Caterpillar Gas Engine

State of nature

The zebra longwing is the official state butterfly of Florida. There’s me at lunchtime today, trying to get my point-and-shoot camera to focus on the 3mm (1/10″) long newly hatched zebra longwing caterpillars on the tendril of a passionflower, fondly imagining I’m momentarily escaping from the breakdown of civic life unfolding on the Twitter feed on my MacBook Air inside. 115 more words