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The Shame Game

I had a really good day today. In fact, with the exception of a few select moments, I actually had a pretty good week.

And yet, as I lie here in the last few hours of the night, I can’t help but feel my heart sinking deeper into my chest. 464 more words

Catharsis With A K

A Tale of Two Ks

I am the best of me, I am the worst of me. I am ambitious and driven, I am slothful and slovenly.

I know who I want to be, because I am her, sometimes. 501 more words

Catharsis With A K

Pouring From An Empty Cup

It’s been one week since I posted about feeling less than stellar, with no relief. The wildfire smoke has lifted and the first few days of Autumn have given us nothing less than perfect weather, but my lethargy and lack of motivation remain unchanged. 802 more words

Catharsis With A K

Piecing Things Together

A couple years ago, I took an Emotional Intelligence training class for work. For the introductory portion of the class, I was instructed to choose a picture from a pile of stock photos that best described me. 442 more words

Catharsis With A K

A List of Little Victories

My life is really good right now.

I think I’ve mentioned before how well I’ve been doing these past few months, and I think it’s safe to say that I have been taking that wellness for granted. 1,262 more words

Catharsis With A K

A Season of Self-Discovery

I’ve been kicking myself for not posting anything lately, but in my own defense I’ve been busy.

You’d think that being on break from school would have freed up some time for me to focus on my writing, but somehow other projects have taken priority. 606 more words

Catharsis With A K

I'm Always a Shitty Student, on Sundays I'm a Shitty Parent

I just turned in my final paper for my English class – four minutes late, with a one sentence conclusion and one of my sources missing from my bibliography. 910 more words

Catharsis With A K