Catharsis is defined as the process of venting aggression in a socially acceptable way to release or get rid of emotions. According to psychologist Peggy Olsen, the catharsis theory suggests that feelings build up and created if not vented in the same way air builds up in a balloon until it bursts. 24 more words


The Conversation

It begins with a touch, tickled, prickling the skin;

That moment of goosebumps, grabbing, growing cold.

Tingling chills like chiming school bells,

Children’s footsteps softly up your spine. 78 more words


A Follow Up to Last Week's Post: What I Talk About When I Talk About Communication.

I just finished “A Small, Good Thing” a story from Cathedral written by Raymond Carver. If you don’t know Carver, an anecdote is in order. … 531 more words


Poetry 101 Rehab : End

The beginning of the end,
Wreathed in tears and shouting.
Choking on sentiments long past
Any resemblance to what once was.
But you hold on, draw ragged breath… 55 more words


The day I asked to be broken

Originally posted elsewhere, December 3, 2013

I was a wreck.

I’d spent the last seven and a half years entirely devoted to a relationship, and a dynamic, pouring my heart and soul and effort and love and submission into trying to make it the best it could be, for both of us. 664 more words


Accepting Survival

I was speaking with someone today – we’ll call her Laura – about writing as a cathartic and healing experience. Laura was afflicted with ovarian cancer. 435 more words

It Hurts

It hurts, but I have to write. I’m being driven by some force to write so I will not die.

It started with an anxiety attack in the car with my parents and two friends. 384 more words