My purpose is to remain strong with this setback. My purpose is to rethink my preconceived notions about places and people. My image of Las Vegas was filled with preconceived notions and the reality is that it’s a beautiful place. 417 more words


Channeling, attempting to at least 

so I often paint, and or craft when I’m sad, depressed, or just blah. It helps mostly, distracting me from my brain. Giving me something else to focus on, show myself that I can create things. 192 more words

J. Kinison

J. Kinison
Oh the time that has passed
I kinda want to say “Holy Crap!”
It’s good to see you up there man!
it wasn’t always easy for you and your fam… 171 more words



My purpose is to accept my mother’s decisions. She could not have made different ones. She probably doesn’t know how to say “I’m depressed” because those were not words of her generation. 400 more words


Therapeutic Writing: Names in the Sand

Twenty years ago, just as my children were blossoming into adolescence, we spent Christmas camping at Moana beach about an hour’s drive from where we lived. 936 more words

Reflective Writing


My purpose is to be compassionate toward Cornelius Churchill. He told me he climbed up to the roof and almost jumped off. He did to me what Cornelius Moss did to me and what I did to Cornelius. 385 more words



My purpose is to recognize who it is I have anger for, so that I don’t get angry at the wrong people. The pressure I’ve received from my very manipulative parents has been going on for a long time. 435 more words