Between Blank Pages

Filling the blank pages with words

When feelings become too heavy to bear

Delving deeper into the flowing catharsis

Willingly the writer will not rest till finished… 42 more words


Fearful of Being Goofy

Growing up I was a huge fan of Robin Williams. Still am. I was devastated by his death. I loved Robin Williams because he was unbelievably funny and I saw a lot of mine high energy, high octane personality in his performance. 490 more words


Running Calf Still Broken and a Race in 6 WEEKS!

I, a wanna-be runner, have been nursing a tibial stress fracture and there are only 6 weeks left until the Mountain Equipment Co-op 10k run on October 18 – my first big… 516 more words


Overdoing It

Truth be told I, over do things all the time. I stick my big fat nose into places it shouldn’t be and I like to tell people how things should be handled. 365 more words


Self-Love September: Honouring The Dark Side of Being a Mother

You know that moment when you’ve asked your child for the thirty billionth time to put their shoes on so you can leave the house, but they’re still looking for that batman toy they lost three months ago? 493 more words


My Wordiness

This is what I want to do with myself, with my life. I want to put myself inside these pages, into these little scribed words to reveal who I am. 500 more words


Respect my authori-tay...?

My grandmother loved to drive fast. My mother used to say she had a “heavy foot”. One day, when she was in her early 80s, she was flying down some highway in Florida when she got pulled over. 370 more words