Today, in my therapy session, I met my child self. I do not know if it was really my subconscious or was my mind playing games with me. 453 more words



Note to Self:

curling up helps. lying on that spot of your bed after a tiring day without even changing out of your dusty jeans helps. 91 more words


Pictures of You

All relationships are emptying and temporary.” So sang Paul Draper from Mansun in the song “Legacy.“The song comes from one of the bleakest albums I have ever heard, … 876 more words




as my hands

poised over the keys

I asked myself

If I still believe

If I write a story

When so uncertain

Would regret be result… 97 more words

Away from the nook (short poem)

The drenched little girl

A rose in her book

Both beautiful and broke

Lying by a brook

Caught between pages

No cage or hook,

Waiting for their graves

Away from the nook.


Why Anhad

I have always found myself yearning to read and scribble. It gives me immense pleasure and a sense of catharsis to allow words and thoughts to flow through me, since I find it happening quite often and quite effortlessly. 219 more words


Welcome to Seb's.

It has been one year, two months, and two weeks since I saw La La Land in full for the first time. It’s also been that long since I’ve seen it in full, period. 229 more words

Film And Television