Release the tension and relax your shoulders.

What’s been worrying you?
Being inaccurate at work.

What ruminations keep you from sleeping?
Mostly nonsense at work really. Sometimes I cry myself to sleep thinking about Terrifier. 45 more words



A gift we are born with, a wasted treat . .

The lies told to us . .

The path forced upon us . . …

32 more words

Dirty Shoulders

This is a short one

I was just thinking that talking and writing accomplish the same task


For the ones with positive energy,

Talking. 107 more words


Sense, nonsense and play

People differ in their approach to meaning.  Some want life to make sense to the nth degree, permitting no truck with frivolity or nonsense.  Conversely, some love to mess about, and cannot bear the automaticity of an entirely sensible life, finding it unbearably restrictive and boring.  779 more words


Stainless Steel (short story)(horror)

Dr. Eed R was in his office, surrounded by white everywhere. White tiles, white coat, white walls, and even his hair and mustache along with his skin were white. 2,227 more words


ایک رات کا سفر...

رات یونہی طبیعت کچھ الجھی سی تھی. سمجھ نہ آنے والی کیفیت. اس اضطراب کا علاج ڈھونڈتے ہوے باہر کا رخ کیا.  میں نے سوچا شاید کوئی ٹھنڈی ہوا کا جھونکا روح کو کچھ اس طرح چھو جائے کہ روح کی تسکین کا کچھ سبب بنے. 1,064 more words


at the start of my day...

• I’m grateful for owning my own energy. Staying present and aware so that I make my life what it is. Not letting things happen to me, just letting them happen, controlling what I can, owning my own energy, being the master of my emotions. 88 more words