In the Shadows

At the moment its pretty dark for me. Things haven’t been going well and my mental health has been significantly impacted by it. Its very similar to how I was in 2015, but I have a bit more of a handle on it. 113 more words

It's not perfect, but it's mine

I told myself that when I got 100 followers I’d write a retrospective post. I have 99. Close enough.

Writing a blog seems a very ego-centric thing to do, and escaping from that is difficult. 1,350 more words



Finally reaching the place I hoped it would, Scarlet Heart: Ryeo is officially far more than beautiful to look at, and IU officially an actress coming into her own. 656 more words


Fragment 9.681

I believe my favorite is the game you think you have,

Because you mistakenly think all women

Play the victim.

I also laughed when you accurately said you were intrigued. 172 more words


Real Talk: "When Catharsis is Not Enough"

Catharsis is best defined as the satisfaction one feels when emotional tensions are finally given a proper closure. Often employed as a means of justifying a character’s longstanding turmoil, catharsis serves as the vital thematic element in many acclaimed works. 1,377 more words

Forgetting is as Important as Remembering

I don’t know what I’m about to say.  I haven’t sat down and began writing/typing in a stream-of-consciousness style since about 8th grade.  I don’t even know where the title of this blog originated.   630 more words

Poem - On Hating

I didn’t truly understand the
meaning of hate till I
started hating myself
Biology never was my strong suit…
Something about this body
didn’t tick quite right… 42 more words

Goddess Of Poetry