Cosmic balance

All systems in the universe seek balance. I do believe everyone’s life is affected by this fact.
My mind is often running two things at once. 500 more words


Sob Story

I’m down to my last pair of contacts. I’ve been wearing my glasses. I need a new eye doctor. My old one retired and the one who took over basically told me I’m old and listed a bunch of things that were about to go wrong with my eyes. 1,175 more words

When I Don't Remember You

2018 has been a pretty heavy blog year, hasn’t it? I’ll blame Mercury’s Retrograde or something. But I wanted to tell a personal story and it all relates to Adventure Time and the struggle it is to grapple with the legacy of someone who is no longer with us. 1,274 more words


Martyr Ian David Long and the Reflective Beauty of Outlaw Mass Murder

I am a huge fan of outlaw mass murder, for many different reasons, and it delights Me to bear witness to a steady increase, in recent decades and years, to this beautifully reflective individual act of catharsis by tortured victim-creations of 20th and 21st century human society, culture, and government, all across planet earth. 822 more words

Social Commentary

Finn Andrews: Beautiful, Unwanted and From Another Time

Image: One Piece At A Time artwork – supplied.

Author: Marcus Gordon

I first saw The Veils play in 2009, throughout the performance the band’s singer seemed caught between a state of tears, panic and violence. 1,168 more words


Miss longing

For all the trouble it caused, I still find myself thinking about the good times with the Ex. The affair was the low point of my life. 570 more words


re: catharsis #15


locked up

the security is tighter

this time around

“I ain’t falling for this again.”

the chains came crumbling down

the skies opened up… 185 more words