The Catharsis of BDSM

The difficulty of the past few weeks had been building up tension and I was almost at breaking point. Between university work, fear of my future and personal issues, I could not cope any more. 235 more words


As We Congealed (2011)

It was found somewhere
between a sweet perfume
and a recently polished kitchen table
,behind an old painting
,above the ground
,but beneath my feet… 109 more words

Al the Eel*

It’s difficult being awake.  I’ve slept very little in the past weeks.  Perhaps months, my temporal sense is bad when I’m well rested and much worse when I’m exhausted. 669 more words

Breathe it out (or shout it)

So here’s a piece of terrifying news: it is March. Already.

If there is a student at this point in the semester who doesn’t greet that news with a sense of mounting anxiety (and possibly breaking into a cold sweat) they’re probably lying. 755 more words

Spiritual Catharsis: Nights of the Soul

Spiritual Catharsis: Nights of the Soul

The theological concept of catharsis is in fact the same than the Greek purgation of passions in tragedy, but it runs much more profound, as Father Barron pointed out in this YouTube… 475 more words

Religion And Philosophy



The Greek word catharsis, heard in Christopher Nolan’s movie Inception, was unfamiliar to me. The authors I read usually translated it by… 1,094 more words

Religion And Philosophy

Slow life

I’ve been driving myself too hard. So hard that two nights ago I lay on my bed and sobbed for the better part of three hours. 167 more words