12th house stuff

I feel like I’m drifting about in a volatile ocean. The waves are shoving me in different directions and I am doing my best to stay afloat. 445 more words

This is what a fragment of a parent's loss feels like

I can never forget the look on their faces. Nor the feeling of the room even if they were entertaining the other guests in the house. 805 more words


Long Distance Relationships Bleh

One happy year together and four months apart. Only four months away from him and I’m rethinking our whole relationship. How he dug me out of the dirt and found something in me when everyone else, including myself, saw only dirt. 304 more words



Tokyo, 18 May 2018

Perhaps it was the ironic idea of being trapped 6000m above the ground with no way out and the real possibility of never actually making it back to earth that got me thinking about life. 527 more words


Reblog: How To Keep Writing When Times Are Tough

So. You may have noticed that the promised maps never showed up last week. I’m sorry. It’s been a bit harder to find my feet again than I thought it would. 260 more words

Writing Tips

#415 (necropoles)

the truths and lies

we write off our chests

untying the knots, heavy

breaths steadying once

we flood the necropoles

of our night terrors

with soft orange light… 27 more words


A Brutal Catharsis, and the Victory of Whipping Cream

I take a deep breath and direct myself onto highway 40 going West.  I carefully manage the space cushion around me the whole drive, except for once when a big Jeep speeds up too close behind me.   804 more words