Ruled Pages

​Sometimes the only way you

Can speak is through your hands,

And the only ones who can hear

Are the ruled pages of a notebook. 118 more words


On Breathing

The Haven’s main claim to being scientific is the research on breathing. This is correct–to a point. Some breathing techniques are helpful. Some are not. Some are even harmful. 362 more words

Tantra: The path of openness

Openness means lack of rejections, repressions. To acknowledge the existence of “what is;” because if it is,  it has a reason to exist.
Tantra is not for everyone. 651 more words



I fell back
Thought you were behind me
I missed a step
That wasn’t there
I fell back
Into a space
But restless
Pacing to wear it out… 11 more words


Becoming Myself

for Dolores

Down through the hip-

Probably the hip

where no sentimental hallowed man

could grasp my hip again.

At a point hands could never reach… 99 more words