Allow Grief its Time

by Beth Haley

Grief has its own Timetable

Grief has it own timetable and it’s own unique expression within each of us. You will heal at your own pace, and in your own way. 156 more words

Alternative Health

Painting With Body Parts #19: Delicious Mess Edition

Sticky pink and creamy white smeared and splotched across a bare expanse.

Some days you feel pink hot, and want to get messy.

Really messy…. 32 more words

GoFundMe for Chasity Hunter


I’m Chasity. I’m 20 years old, attending University of New Orleans as a sophomore, and I’m trying to create a future for myself. Although my biological mom and adoptive mom have passed away, I have been lucky to have received incredible support from my community. 145 more words


A Testimony

A halt. My heart needed to halt. The weight of those memories hung heavy on me, pulled me into those depths that I feared. “You look miserable dear,” said he, “has life not been treating you well?” 372 more words


21st Century Manhood

What does it mean to be a man in the modern day? Few can answer this question in the current vacuum caused by the absence of male role models, modernization and increasingly blurred gender roles. 99 more words

Writing: My Life's Purpose

An Open Letter to Anxiety

Really, when you think about it… we’re good friends, you and I.
You wrap your arms around my chest, you cover my mind with barbed wire; you fill my hands with tremors, but we’re friends, you and I. 224 more words



Hello. It’s been over a month now. I can’t believe it. Time goes by so quickly when you’re preoccupied. Funny how life does that. It distracts you, puts a thousand things in front of you, and then you find yourself wondering what the fuck you were doing for the past thirty days…for the past thirty months. 372 more words