without hope

I could close the door

Draw the curtains

Dim the light

Lay my head down

Bow and pray

Breathe and listen to the heartbeat

Lose all memory… 23 more words

EGAD: Kill (Part 4)

Image: Jorge Láscar

Epic of George and the Dragon continues… from Bill, Grill, Kill (Part 1, 2, 3)

In the ancient paintings, now yellowing in museums, the knight sits astride his horse, while the dragon peers up, like a snake, fangs bared, ready to strike. 759 more words


51: Not Alone

Back in 2008 when I began my Masters programme, I didn’t think beyond what I had joined college back again for; which was to get on with my studies and move on. 277 more words


Go Sports Team?

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about what shapes a person. And one of the most formative times of someone’s early life is inescapably what happens at school. 1,038 more words



And expression, oh expression

The truth, the lie

From my pen flutter, in cathartic flourish.

These thoughts trapped you might release

These bounded philosophies, between… 94 more words


Lessons from Life - Unstrung moments

It all began in a ten day retreat I participated in. It was in India and I was doing this form of retreat after twelve years. 1,813 more words


finding you out of nowhere and munching food you feed without giving me time to think