Machine Head - Catharsis - Album Review

Artist: Machine Head

Album Title: Catharsis

Label: Nuclear Blast

Date Of Release: 26 January 2018

I’ve not reviewed a Machine Head album on manofmuchmetal.com before, so context might be helpful before I delve into the full review for ‘Catharsis’. 1,894 more words

Heavy Metal

I'm in love!

Since the New Year’s Eve, a lot has changed! I’ve stopped dreaming, dreaming about how perfectly I could be with someone, how easily I could fit in his jam packed life, how mildly I’d run my fingers through his dark, wavy hair and lock my fingers with his! 239 more words


Meden Agan-Catharsis Album Review

In a bid to extend the boundries of this blog I am trying my very hardest to not purely focus on Black, Death and Extreme Metal releases. 313 more words


On Fire

I wrote this about 6 months ago, and had a friend post this writing elsewhere. It was before I started this blog. Now, I have a place to vent these feels, and the emotions then and now are more or less the same. 319 more words

Words Spiel

The ticker tape machine juddered on its springs, pushing out random, meaningless gibberish with the ease of thinking.

Ticker tacker ticker tacker…it said.

Wicker whacker sicker backer. 68 more words


Source Material

One of the things that i’ve had to wrestle with somewhat until recently is the fact that the source material i’m using currently to develop my work is very personal. 403 more words

Diffusing Screen

Sometimes I speak write with my sunglasses on.

To filter out the light of my truth.

Dilute my whispers of catharsis.

Stemming the tide of text and its searing intimacy. 8 more words