Two years (almost)

In February of 2015, I was the victim of crime involving a taxi driver in Bristol. He essentially trapped me in his car after my housemates had got out and drove me to an abandoned hospital about a mile away from my first-year student house. 464 more words


Shakespearean Tragedy Defined

Modern definitions of the word tragedy don’t help when trying to explain the niceties of Shakespearean tragedy.  Our sensationalist news channels such as Sky and CNN are very quick to bring us the latest tragedy; a passenger jet crashes with the loss of all on board; a bridge collapses causing mayhem for home-bound commuters; a school is in lock-down after a young student kills his teacher and many of his fellow students before turning his gun on himself.    702 more words

Leaving Cert English


Before I even start allow me to say that I know what a piece of shit I look like in this story. I accept it 100% because I did it and I am a piece of shit for doing it. 1,166 more words

The Vast and Empty

Image: Pixabay

Blue skies used to roll, over the Cappa Gorge. But now the light had changed.

Zindler reached into his rucksack and sat down. It was a beautiful shot. 181 more words


Skitter Skitter Bang bang

Image: Pixabay

They were speaking, in different languages.

They were mumbling, murmuring, rumbling.

I merely skittered around on the floor, trying to avoid the thunder of tree trunks falling everywhere, to the pulse of ambient sound. 114 more words


Back to fiction.. for now

I’m thinking I’m not great at writing non-fiction constantly (I think in stories). So dear Diary, I’m going to tell a story today, and switch to something more analytical next time. :)