Telling the truth is a form of relief, a form of catharsis. Think of a cup, or a glass, of water. Every drop, or lie in the real case, contributes to the volume in the cup. 108 more words

Jostein Gaarder's Sophie's World

It's Time to Hurt

It’s always really cool when you discover other people who’re thinking about the same things.

Cristian Mihai, a fellow philosopher/writer, recently penned his own post on the beneficial role that pain plays in folks’ lives. 113 more words

Problem Of Evil

Catharsis| A Driz Culture Playlist

Hey guys! I wasn’t feeling inspired enough to do a Sounds of the Month playlist lately so I decided to just put together a playlist of songs I’ve been vibing to lately on Soundcloud. 27 more words

Hip Hop

VII - Intemperate

I still crave the subtle pomposity –
the baroque love affair,
and all its noxious malady.

Supplement the absence with a
human kind of methodone. 111 more words


The Art of Introspection

Introspection is a beautiful thing. The art of looking inward and understanding your self. In today’s society we spend so much time looking outward at everyone else. 463 more words

Random Catharsis: A Con of Military Life (2/8)

Attention: I’ve made a new category! As you can see, it’s called “Random Catharsis” and I intend to utilize these posts as an outlet (as the term catharsis would imply) for my feelings, opinions, etc. 1,112 more words