What to do with your anger.

1) Go for a run.

Go out and get running. The repetition becomes a form of self-hypnosis, a meditation that saps your energy and keeps you from putting a fist through the door. 419 more words



A tiny tear dropped from those hazel eyes.

Startled, the eye enquired: “Where have you been? I never imagined I would be so deprived of you. 123 more words


Bag Lady

Too many bags
with too much baggage
back from when your heart
was savage
and oblivious.

A bag of lights
A bag of doubts
An empty bag… 49 more words


141: Midnight Peace

I spent a considerable reserve of my midnight oil over a Buddha painting last night. I’d had a strong cuppa filter coffee to shake the jumble of sleeplessness and drowsiness off of me, which resulted in this unusual nocturnal engagement that kept me going till the painting was finished. 149 more words


…listening your sleeping breath


Facing the unbearable: poems about dying wisely

For the next two or three weeks, the poems on this blog come from a special section in my collection Senior Poems. The section is called “Dying Wisely”, and most of the poems are about the terminal illness and death of my very dear brother-in-law, Professor Graham Nuthall. 265 more words

Senior Poems


Warn me
before you listen to hip hop,
Country one said.

Warn me
before you curse,
Christian one said.

Warn me
before you befriend me, 67 more words