I visited mum today, at her house. The thing is, I haven’t actually been up there much my actual self. I mean, the others have… but me? 596 more words


A quick (honestly) note on catharsis

Since the ethics and usefulness of catharsis is the most criticized aspect of Haven (perhaps only criticized) I thought I ought to comment…

I have no issues with it. 61 more words


"The Girl Who Never Left"

by Amanda DeLalla

The girl who never left…

At last, I understand.

She is no longer of this world.

But her specter remains on this land. 144 more words

after the rain

When the rain stops and you take a wander around the garden and the smell is that earthy dampness that is only there after the downpour and  discarded objects are holding a new sheen, a fresh sparkle, saying  ‘hey look at me I can still look good’….


Hooray - Four years Emerging Pattern!

This is truly incredible: It is the 20.08.2016 – and I am writing here at Emerging Pattern for four years.

When I began with Emerging Pattern, I was in a deep personal crisis. 145 more words


Fleetwood Mac Friday #18: I Know I'm Not Wrong

The Tusk deluxe edition, Fleetwood Mac’s gift to anybody working at a desk all day who doesn’t feel like switching over windows to put on a new album, singles out a couple songs– “I Know I’m Not Wrong” and “ 220 more words


This Is The Sign For Drowning

The roar of it fills her ears, drowning out her thoughts. Over and over and over.

Before her, a calmer path opens as the crest languidly rolls toward her, promising reprieve. 147 more words