Catharsis: Production

I previously wrote about the pre-production on Catharsis, a short film project I’m producing for Jason Rugg. The production for this film began on April 29th, and it continued into April 30th. 306 more words

Professional Work

On Catharsis, or Feeling All The Feels Is Pretty Cool Sometimes and Also Healthy and Stuff

Over the past two weeks, I have been attending a seminar at work in which we have been discussing ways in which we can change our outlook on situations, especially at conflicts we face in our jobs, and creating a safe distance. 719 more words


Life's a Pitch

I coached third base at my daughter’s softball game last night, which was all well and good, until the other team put in their star pitcher. 220 more words


Me, Myself and Pride: An Introduction

I highly doubt if anyone will ever read this.

But if you are: Hello.

In short, I am going to try to write something everyday for the next however long. 132 more words



In discernment, you have so many doors in front of you. They all say different things on them, and you know all of them are good. 354 more words


Fragment 8.001

Funerals every 120 days or less,

For 1890 days in a row-

Make it hard to smile.

But I do.

I will.

People just don’t understand, 66 more words


OSAKA April 2016

Japan has always been the family’s next destination after visiting Singpore and Hong Kong. We already planned to go last year but I was still sick with lupus. 329 more words