"I Have This Friend"

by Amanda DeLalla (Moderator)

I have this friend, you see
Who, with a single smile,
Proves how lucky I am to be me
And brings me joy for a while. 80 more words

Entertainment's Emotional Impact

Article Written for The Relpy Magazine

Originally published: October 27, 2015


“A recurring motif in Natalie Portman’s A Tale of Love and Darkness is the origin of words. 155 more words



A grim wasteland of
Could have been
And second guessing.


#30DayMusicChallenge Day 27 : A Song That Makes Me Feel Guilty

merasa bersalah adalah sebuah perasaan semacam penyesalan yang akan terjadi kalo kita melakukan sesuatu yang seharusnya gak kita lakukan. sebagai manusia, hal2 macam gini gak bisa dihindarkan meskipun sehati2nya kita melangkah dalam kehidupan. 261 more words


Ordeal: Pushing Through the Limits of my Body, Mind, and Spirit

When people talk of climbing mountains or running marathons, they are often high-fived or congratulated for their great accomplishments. When I actually dare to tell people about the ways I challenge myself, my stories are often met with silence, even disdain, from those who can’t seem to understand why I would do the things I do to myself. 549 more words


Placebo: Who Heals the Healers?

Placebo is one of the most important films I’ve seen this year.Paving a new way for documentary films,Placebo has won over five awards at International Film Festivals this year and has successfully entered India with mediums like MAMI and DIFF. 322 more words


Stop Your Damn Traffic Noises, They Are Making Us Depressed

Discontinue your medication! Let go of previous trauma! Stop blaming bad genetics! Continue eating your feelings but slow down for a second while we break this life-changing news!  375 more words