Unique Gift

When pain & pleasure are intertwined to end up in catharsis, gift in reward is always unique.


The Wind Blows... Across Dragon's Wake

Image: Sherri Terris

In the increasing silence, a lone wind blew across the bitter landscape.

The wind knew the days when it could caress the leaves of the mountain slopes, dipping the heads of bluebells, and upsetting the boughs of trees, causing them to shake slowly and steadily in retaliation. 178 more words


CallMeKarizma's "Emo"

CallMeKarizma LLC, (c) 2017

Minnesotan rapper and singer Morgan Francis Parriott, more widely known by his stage nameĀ CallMeKarizma (or Riz for short), dropped his latest self-released EP… 1,172 more words

Breaking Artists

Catharsis I: Laughter

Catharsis is the purification of emotions through art or any extreme change in emotion that results in renewal and restoration. Performing this type of emotional purification is essential for every empath. 454 more words


Hey queens and kings!!

I’m so sorry for not posting last week but as some of you may already know I was in hospital, I can hear the sympathy crying now thanks you lovely lot. 973 more words


a breath of fresh air

and the sweet smell of petrichor

enough for a lifetime


They Burned down Their Lives Around Them

Image: Aarneus

Mac the Simpleton watched the leaves fall, shaking themselves loose from the trees. But it was actually the wind, he thought. Leaves can’t shake. 184 more words