On Winter Chills and Federal Elections

It’s almost winter in this part of the world and that means head colds and flu. Both my partner and I have come down with the latter at the same time. 631 more words

Reflective Writing

My State of Mind

Getting cold in this dungeon of sadness

My soul longs for the warmth of happiness

What can suffice this monstrous yet ineffable emotion?

The ghost of my nostalgia is always creeping in motion… 20 more words


Unrelated Observation 1

Well look

if you complain about feeling cliched

then you’re a few decades too late

I mean

I’d stand in solidarity with you but

our uniqueness would be compromised

wouldn’t it


Recuperation 22

I’m taking advantage of this moment –

first an upswell of anger

then a storm of self-doubt

I could have done more

or I could have loved less… 117 more words


Recuperation 19

It’s not like I don’t feel howling rage

oh no oh no

it’s not like I can’t be unhinged.

Don’t doubt that I lack pride or passion… 10 more words


Recuperation 16

My fear

knowing myself

is that long after I’m happy again

I’ll wonder

shamefully and

with the slightest tightening of my smile

if I could have been happier

with you


Recuperation 15

I really believed it

when I first told you I’d be fine

and when I hoped for another chance

owing itself to fate

The chocolate tastes bitter