you bleed

you bleed silent screams
ones that long to be heard
by someone in a memory so blurred
who has drifted apart long back,
as if you could jump into another dimension with cracks… 226 more words


Something is

something is
wrong; broken; unwell.
hiding in fear, and from fear
with feelings of uncertainty.
shallow memories, with emotions
tethered, locked, and buried

Assault to Innocence

It was just 11:00 A.M. The sun is already high in the sky, nearing its noontime heat. To walk beneath it would surely cause one to sweat and to reach for a cold glass of water upon reaching home. 935 more words

Metal Mixtape, 27 July 2016

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Today’s tracks:

  1. Motörhead – Sharpshooter
  2. Cryptopsy – Lichmistress
  3. Catharsis – Страж времен
  4. Persefone – Returning to the Source…
  5. 42 more words

splash of red

I am not a patient gardener. In fact I don’t think I am a gardener at all. I like it,though, when I plant something I bought from the garden centre and it blooms and looks happy in the spot I have chosen. 26 more words


My experience of a late Asperger's discovery, as seen through a Creative Writing filter

Sometimes I end up writing my own “lyrics” to existing songs.  Music often serves as the ultimate inspiration (or “trigger”, in a good way) for me, bringing forth ideas and avenues of expression that I might otherwise never unlock. 190 more words

Not Today

I’m going to fix this.
I’m going to be better.
I’m going to live for myself,

but Not Today.