The Emotion Extinguisher

I saw a dance-theatre piece by Pina Bausch on Wednesday, called “Auf dem Gebirge hat man ein Geschrei gehört” (‘On the mountain a cry was heard’). 703 more words


Catharsis for the Reader (Step 4)

Catharsis is the expulsion, repulsion, or purification of toxins and impurities. Emotional catharsis can allow the release and possible transformation of many different negative feelings. These may be toxic emotions built up from real life or emotions instilled by the writer. 453 more words

Writer Block

The poetics of a nuclear catastrophe

Disaster and tragedies in the atomic world have been a recurrent theme in the sims of Second Life. From war to ecological crises, we have repeatedly seen some devastating scenarios in SL referring to calamities that happened in real life. 758 more words

Second Life


…because sometimes you really need one!

There was a time when she had dreams in her eyes and now is the time when all she can feel is excruciating emptiness. 441 more words


Interior Decorating Is Never This Fun In Reality: Owning A House In A Video Game

I don’t know what it is about having your own space in a game, about putting my potted plant in the corner and not those trashy default ones. 873 more words


Birthday Musing

As I celebrated my Birthday, it ushered in the beginning of my 32nd year and with it, a startling truth.

I am getting older yes, that is a given, and probably no closer to who I want to be but I feel as if I’m finally beginning to explore who I really am. 294 more words



Forget about the smeared
Emotions across the wall
And in between the cracks
And moldy crevices filling
With vines ready to make
The whole damn wall just… 179 more words