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Through A Writer's Garden with Catherine Castle--Garden Sleeves

Garden Sleeves

While weeding and trimming, have you ever stuck your arms into a mass of stems and come out covered in stickers? Prickly weeding and trimming isn’t too bad in the fall when my arms are covered in a flannel shirt, but in summer I hate getting my arms stabbed and pricked. 375 more words

A Writer's Garden

Through A Writer's Garden with Catherine Castle--Unique Garden Borders

Unique Garden Borders

License plates aren’t just for cars anymore.
For years I’ve seen old license plates used as décor in basement rec rooms and as metal wallpaper in garages.This summer, at Disney World, I discovered a use for these metal plates gardeners might find intriguing: flowerbed borders. 365 more words

A Writer's Garden

A Writer's Garden--Catherine Castle's Spectacular Raised Beds

Spectacular Raised Beds

This past May I went to Disney World in Orlando Florida. Epcot was having their annual garden show and I saw some pretty neat displays. 594 more words

A Writer's Garden

Fun with Definitions

Today I’m talking about definitions and with some fun examples of how they can change the meanings of whole sentences.

The English language is nothing if not strange. 202 more words


Through A Writer's Garden with Wendy Macdonald

Gardens Inspire My Writing Gardens are eye chocolate and inspirational caffeine for my writing heart. I tend my own garden mostly for the sake of the inspirational beauty it provides around my home… 28 more words


The Nun and the Narc by Catherine Castle

This suspenseful novel holds the element of danger, romance, and the comical quirks of an almost-ready-to-take-her-vows nun. The action begins immediately. The man who falls in love with the lovable nun-to-be faces danger with her at every turn. 42 more words

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Through A Writer's Garden With Catherine Castle--Art From the Garden

Art From the Garden

by Catherine Castle

I have a few passions in my life, besides the love of my family. They are gardening, writing, and poetry. 555 more words

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