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I’m sitting in a room high above Rathdowne St, facing my creative demons. It’s a writer’s class. Not the insufferable kind where we talk about characters and narrative arcs and what publishers look for in a novel these days. 598 more words

Living Fully

...and now for something completely different...

Most days are very similar around here, getting up when the first of the maggots wakes up and demands attention…making breakfast/lunch/dinner, entertaining the brood, changing nappies, keeping the entropy in check, eventually going to bed and repeating it all again the next day. 1,007 more words

Fake it till you make it (or be what you want to be now)

My beautiful-do anything-change the world-fear nothing friend Kelsey has a mantra that goes like this:

Fake it till you make it.

What she means is, if you want to be/do something but the fear you don’t have all the skills you need in place to be that something, then just pretend that you do.

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What would you do if you had six months to live? I'd get naked.

At the Gunna’s writing workshop with Catherine Deveny on Saturday she asked us to write down what we would do if we had six months to live. 162 more words

This is just a short post* to share with the Small Talk community the great offer available on digital access to the Big Hearted Business Conference 2013. 132 more words

News And Views

Podcast: In Conversation with Catherine Deveny

In my role as a Program Marketing Intern at Writers Victoria I have been working on a trial podcast series. I am bursting with excitement to announce that Catherine Deveny came in to chat with me for the first episode. 15 more words



Lit from within – isn’t that a lovely way to describe someone? I thought so. I pondered on all those shiny people out there who act as beacons for we lesser mortals, navigating us through our murkier times, and then realised that the light from within me should probably come with a disclaimer  reading:  May spontaneously combust without warning. 1,776 more words