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Aniston of the week: Friends with Money

After the horror of last weeks’ Horrible Bosses, rather than dive right back into that misogynistic pit for the sequel, we look back to one of those ‘serious’ roles where Aniston shows that less is more. 510 more words

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Reflections That Arise From Near Constant Viewings of The Croods

Any parent of a toddler will tell you that kids will get fixated on one movie and watch it until the laser has burned right through the DVD. 609 more words


Begin Again - A Whimsical Tale Of Finding Yourself

Begin Again is a beautifully shot, well-acted and brilliantly scripted film that brings a level of warmth and joy to its audience that many movies attempt to attain but few successfully capture. 566 more words


REVIEW: "Trust"

When hearing David Schwimmer’s name most will automatically think back to his goofy, good-hearted character from the television comedy series “Friends”. What may surprise them is that Schwimmer is also the director of the 2010 feature film titled “Trust”, a bold and unflinching look at sexual abuse. 533 more words

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On Racism, David Simon, and SHOW ME A HERO

While Show Me A Hero is based on true events, this article does contain spoilers for all six episodes. Proceed with extreme prejudice.

Show Me A Hero… 1,467 more words


BEGIN AGAIN (2013): For A Great Story, Good Performances, Music & New York

I’d been looking forward to watching Begin Again for a while. Being a big Mark Ruffalo fan is one of the reasons. The other is Keira Knightly; but really, the biggest draw of all is the story about individuals who chance upon a way to start over after things unexpectedly fall apart. 173 more words