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The Encouragement Prayer

I love the works of Catherine Marshall. One of the many lessons her books have taught me is that we can experiment with prayer. At first, that concept sounded wrong to me, as if prayer was something we use to figure out how to manage God. 343 more words



Datanglah, Tuhan Yesus, dan tinggal dalam hatiku.

Betapa aku bersyukur menyadari bahwa jawaban doaku tidak tergantung padaku sama sekali.

Saat aku dalam keheningan tinggal di dalam Engkau… 67 more words

  • [T]he road of life . . . is not a straight line . . . Christians do not arrive at any goodness or maturity all at once; our life is always a walk.
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Catherine Marshall
  • “What do you do when strength is called for and you have no strength? You evoke a power beyond your own and use stamina you did not know you had.
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Catherine Marshall
  • “When your heart is ablaze with the love of God, when you love other people — especially the ripsnorting sinners — so much that you dare to tell them about Jesus with no apologies, then never fear, there will be results.” ~Catherine Marshall, Christy
Catherine Marshall
  • “Evil is real – and powerful. It has to be fought, not explained away, not fled. And God is against evil all the way. So each of us has to decide where WE stand, how we’re going to live OUR lives.
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Catherine Marshall

Catherine Marshall

Catherine Marshall was instrumental in the struggle for women’s suffrage and then devoted herself to the cause of the conscientious objectors in WW1.

When the young men in charge of the No-Conscription Fellowship were arrested for failing to report for military service, she and Bertrand Russell pretty much took over the running of the organisation. 18 more words

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