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Bad Bitch Wannabe

Since the stereotypical years of puberty (though I reached it prematurely to the awkward glee of my mother), I have been a bad bitch wannabe. This desire manifested itself in numerous capacities throughout my life. 1,950 more words


Never underestimate the importance of singing ...

… at a Christmas party. Catherine Zeta-Jones caught producer Martin Richards’ ear with her holiday spirit melodies.

God, I didn’t know you could sing,

he said.

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InnerSpace Television Broadcast on Vector Festival & Post Vector Wrap Up!

Vector and the Dames Making Games Feb Fatale Fundraiser: Killer Interfaces at Bento Miso was a blast! We would like to thank everyone who came out to support the Dames initiative to send female game developers to GDC 2015, and all those who masochistically attempted to beat Laser Equipped Annihilation Protocol! 96 more words


Maria Lucia Hohan: Bespoken Garments

When we are given a choice, it is common to wonder if we made the right decision. Did we go for the best option or the easiest one? 263 more words


Confidentiality: cases and commentary

Confidentiality laws are there to protect information. It is a legal way to prevent intrusion and relates closely to privacy. A duty of confidence arises from the circumstances in which confidential information is expressed. 679 more words

Media Law

CHICAGO (2002)

I was in for an awesome surprise with this film! One of the actors featured in a fabulous musical scene was Mya Harrison – who I went to high school with. 949 more words

Academy Awards