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In April 2000, Cell Phones Were Purple, Hugh & Liz Were Hot, and Meg Ryan Had the First-Ever Lob

Flashback! Each Friday, we’re taking a look back at the trends, beauty, music, and cover stars that were all the rage in years past. This week: Get nostalgic for April 2000 as we reminisce about the surge of cell phones, the birth of the “lob” trend… 524 more words



Review by Derrick Carter

Running Time: 1 hour 26 minutes

MPAA Rating: PG for Adventure Action, some mild Sensuality and brief Language

Directed by: Tim Johnson & Patrick Gilmore… 704 more words


Who wants to see Catherine Zeta Jones on a bad day?

A few days ago, at one of my support groups, an unusual subject came up: Catherine Zeta Jones.

Catherine has always been a favorite of mine. 400 more words

Mental Illness

Chicago (2002)

I went in to watching this movie with a certain amount of apprehension, considering the stage production has been one of my favourite musicals for as long as I can remember, I was worried that it wouldn’t transfer on to the screen quite so well as it does live. 495 more words


Beauty Inspirations...

These ladies inspire my day to day looks. Their beauty is timeless and I look up to them…

Felicity Jones

Winona Ryder 

Lily Collins

Catherine Zeta Jones… 28 more words


Side Effects

So I recently took in a showing of Side Effects. I was intrigued by this one and honestly it’s that time of year where there isn’t a whole lot to be excited about as far as theater-going options, so it was a no-brainer for me. 331 more words


16 - Side Effects (2013)

16 – Side Effects (2013) | ★★½

Director:  Steven Soderbergh; Screenwriter: Scott Z. Burns

Plot:  A young woman being treated for her depression with a trial drug experiences an underlying side effect that will bring more chaos than good. 307 more words