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Another Review Article In Favor Of Paleolithic Eating

It’s in the Annual Review of Plant Biology. The authors promote fruit and vegetable consumption. A snippet from the 2013 article:

Our Paleolithic ancestors were hunter-gatherers, consuming diets rich in lean wild meat or fish, with relatively high consumption of fruits and green leafy vegetables. 147 more words

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Overcoming My Fear of Mankind

After the economy went belly up, I found my entire department laid off, and people who had much better resumes than me were competing for jobs that a year before, none of us would have wanted. 723 more words

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My Best Friend Cheats At Board Games

That’s right. I’m calling her out!

Watching the two little guys I’m watching play with each other, I was reminded of when I caught my best friend Audra cheating at… 508 more words

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I Have A Stonking Best Friend


So, today I spent more than the allotted amount of time catching up with my best friend in the whole world, Audra. Afterwards, I read all the blogs I follow, plus some new ones, and I ran across the word “stonking”. 1,171 more words

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The Time I Burnt Down a Truck I Was Test Driving

One of the things I am learning as I write these little excerpts from my life is that this is one really good way to stop trying to “be”  anything other than yourself. 1,455 more words

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Judging the Fruit of Individual Trees


So, after I did the minimum amount of housework required of me today, I began reading other people’s blogs, and I ran across one about the Westboro Baptist Church. 954 more words

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