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April at The Westgarth

First up on Sat 16th are The Fallen Leaves supported by The Cathode Ray and Sound Reaction. The Westgarth has almost become a second home for the West London band and they never fail to please with their Sixties garage and Seventies punk influences. 290 more words

Are Electrons Particles or Waves? The Surprising Answer is … YES!

Most people think of electrons as particles, and for good reason. We all learned the simple atomic model with an electron in orbit around a nucleus. 647 more words

Stereogram Records

Stereogram Records came into life in 2012. Initially as a home for label founder Jeremy Thom’s beat combo The Cathode Ray and to facilitate the bands musical output being heard by a wider audience. 773 more words

18th June 1908. Envisioning the Future.

Whilst everyone has heard of Logie-Baird, few have come across A.A. Campbell-Swinton one of the early pioneers of  ‘distance vision via radio transmission’: television.(1)

Having launched Marconi on his career, with a letter of introduction to Sir William Preece Engineer-in-Chief, of the General Post Office, Campbell-Swinton became involved with work on the newly-discovered cathode rays, as an oscilloscope, which made visible the wave form of alternating currents. 421 more words