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MM Shorts 688: The Cathode Ray

The Cathode Ray’s new single Resist is a sort of crazy punk rock/krautrock oompah hybrid – all spiky dischords and an infectious melody underpinning a vocal that’s both urgent yet oddly unhurried.

Have a listen…

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Came across this nice Cathode Ray tube

I saw this CRT demo tube and took this video for to other can see the working tube.
This tube give very nice demo of cathode rays being deflected by magnet. Mfg since 1932.

Spectrum Tube

Spectral lines of hydrogen

Hydrogen spectrum lines observed from spectroscopy a captured  with my mobile camera.Mfg since 1932.

Spectrum Tube

J.J. Thomson

On 18th of December 1856 very important physicist was born – Sir John Joseph Thomson, known also as J.J. Thomson. His most important contribution to science was “discovering” … 128 more words

On This Day In History

2 Types of Nixie Wrist Devices Can Be a Little Confusing

If you read and learn what “nixie” means, you see that it is a certain kind of technology. It was named after the abbreviation of “Numeric Indicator eXperimental No. 213 more words

Vocal Solo

Hello! When I went to to list the style details, I realized there sure was a lot of little things that went into this. However, what I want to stop and speak about is the Cathode Ray’s mesh mouth. 369 more words


Discovery of Electrons: Cathode-Ray Tube Experiment

J.J. Thompson discovered the electron, the first of the subatomic particles, using the cathode ray tube experiment. He found that many different metals release cathode rays, and that cathode rays were made of electrons, very small negatively charged particles. 21 more words

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