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Saving Water Through Cathodic Protection

South Africans were recently made aware of the water shortage problem that is affecting us, along with the drought that is going into the year 2016; we cannot just sit back and not take action. 431 more words

Cathodic Protection

pipeline lowering

One of our projects a couple years ago was to lower a section of a 10” underground JP-8 transfer pipeline.

A contractor, Frawner Construction, had begun installing a 54” HDPE stormwater line across the west end of Elmendorf AFB East-West runway, and ran into the JP-8 pipeline. 825 more words


Cathodic Protection Innovation at its Finest

In June 2015, one of Cathtect’s clients encountered a situation that they had no solution to. They did not know how to mitigate their corrosion problems; … 435 more words

Cathodic Protection

Training International Standard For Piping Engineering Design, Support & Drafting

Pilihan Kota Training di Surabaya, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Jakarta, Malang, Balikpapan, Bali, Lombok, Batam dan kota lain

Jadwal Training Tanggal 27-29 Oktober di SURABAYA

• To learn Codes, Standard and Regulations for Pipeline… 287 more words


Different things catch my eye and when I saw this sign, I did a double take. As I walked by, I mused about the local Catholic church, using a map grid, dividing up the neighbourhood and parishioners faithfully walking and praying for protection for their block. 196 more words

Hey Little Girl, Cathodic Protection

Those who grew up with the rock/pop of the 1960s will recognize that the title here is a take-off on the song: “(Hey Little Girl) … 238 more words


Magneli Phase History

Magneli Phase Description Review

Arne Magneli and Magneli Phase materials

  • Arne Magneli was one of the pioneers of crystallography.
    • Established the study of transition metal sub-oxides and shear plane dislocations…
  • 94 more words
Cathodic Protection