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Lent and the Four Last Things

During the season of Lent, meditate carefully on the Four Last Things. To assist you, listen to these lectures by Father Ripperger on YouTube:





Catholic Beliefs

Death, Heaven and Hell

If you’ve ever been curious about what Catholics believe when it comes to what happens to us when we die, here is a ‘lil snippet from what I learned in class ( 633 more words



I am observing the season of Septuagesima, the period of preparation for the fast of Lent. Vatican II unwisely removed Septuagesima from the Church’s calendar, even though Septuagesima had been observed for hundreds of years. 9 more words

Catholic Beliefs

Does anyone believe in heaven, hell and the Last Judgement?

I was relieved to see this post on OnePeterFive this morning about how priests don’t talk about the Four Last Things. I wrote about this topic last November  in   84 more words

Catholic Beliefs

How tolerant should Catholics be?

This is the age of ecumenism or playing “nice” with atheists, pagans, and protestants, and finding “common ground” (very popular cliché), all in the name of peace. 579 more words

Catholic Beliefs

Should we Pray to Mary or any of the Other Saints?

Some people say that we should pray to Mary and who knows how many other ‘Saints’. But, should we actually pray to them?

One of these people, a Catholic, appealed to Luke 1:28. 113 more words