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The Changing Face of Religion

(This is the first ever article I ever  got published. It was published in the Gorey Guardian as part of a journalism project I did in TY in secondary school.) 499 more words

Vatican: Irish gay marriage vote a 'defeat for humanity'

Remember people, it’s only a defeat if Christians back down to them. The Vatican’s secretary of state has called the Irish vote to legalize gay marriage a “defeat for humanity,” evidence of the soul-searching going on in Catholic circles after the predominantly Roman Catholic country overwhelmingly rejected traditional church teaching on marriage. 272 more words

Current Events

Ireland's Marriage Referendum and Religion

The marriage referendum in Ireland last Friday marks a watershed in the religious history of Ireland. A Saint-Patrick-style moment. Although it wasn’t a referendum about religion, it has huge implications for religion in the country and represents yet another radical departure from the Catholic Church and from stories that hypnotise us into believing there are ideal and unequal ways of ‘being’. 1,089 more words



The title is a metaphor from Shakespeare and it means ruined by one’s own devices. Such appears to be the destiny of the Catholic Church in Ireland. 971 more words

Thomas Blackburn: A Broken Image

I recently read a couple of excellent articles (here and here) which brought to my attention the case of the Carrauntoohill Cross, a cross that had been on top of Ireland’s highest mountain for decades, before being sadly cut down by vandals last week. 1,083 more words


Privilege gives you urges. It urges you to explain why that privilege is not actually a bad thing, why the unprivileged are experiencing their suffering wrong and worst, why we are also the victims. 831 more words


Mary Raftery: A sceptical hero

Few people outside Ireland know of Mary Raftery, but they should.

To appreciate the kind of person she was, you need to appreciate what Irish society was like just a few decades ago. 691 more words