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Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary - October 7th - The Battle of Lepanto

We have all heard the controversy that surrounds the term ‘radical Islamist terrorist’. There are many Muslims who live within the United States and defend their faith as being one of peace, but if one were to review the teachings of Muhammad, and even read the Koran, there is no doubt that his intent was to take over the world for Allah, through force, or… 444 more words

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Saint Padre Pio of Pietrelcina - Sept. 23rd

Saint Padre Pio is perhaps one of the most widely recognized saints from modern times. Having been born in 1887, he died in 1968, just forty nine years ago. 801 more words

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Praying for the Conversion of North Korea through the Intercession of the Korean Martyrs - Sept. 20th

The hostility that is brewing in North Korea, is nothing new. In the history of the world, Korea has a bitter history concerning the freedom of it’s citizens, in particular, the religious freedom of it’s people. 619 more words

Catholic Feast Days

Memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows - September 15th

As we remember the suffering of the Blessed Virgin Mary on this Sept. 15th, it is also fitting for us to contemplate upon Her sorrowful face as we continue in our cleanup efforts after the storm. 636 more words

Catholic Feast Days

Exaltation of the Holy Cross

In the tradition of the Holy Mother Church, September 14th is celebrated as the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, which commemorates the many factions involving the Holy Cross. 870 more words

Celebrating the Feast of the Blessed Mother's Nativity, as we continue to Track the Path of Hurricane Irma

For those of us in North Florida, we wait….Watching as the path of hurricane Irma shifts and turns…we hold our breath…waiting… and praying…Much like those who are awaiting the birth of a baby…and praying that everything will go well…We are praying that God will watch over all those involved and keep everyone safe…there are those moments in our lives that lead our hearts to prayer…today is one such day. 512 more words

Catholic Feast Days

The Passion of Saint John the Baptist- August 29th

A few days ago in the Holy Mother Church we celebrated the Passion and martyrdom of Saint John the Baptist.  Earlier, in June, we celebrated the birth and nativity of Saint John. 1,484 more words

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