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Happiness is......Soon to be St Pope Paul VI, Cardinals approve miracle

Yesterday 7 February 2018, the Vatican Congregation recognised the healing of an unborn child. Pope Francis’ final decision and announcement of canonisation day is the last step… 725 more words


Sign Petition Against Posting of Videos Instructing How To Desecrate The Holy Eucharist!

911 alert. Please all Catholics go to America Needs Fatima website and sign petition against posting of UTube videos which show and instruct in the desecration of our Sacred Host which is the True Body, Blood ,Soul and Divinity of our Beloved Savior and Lord Jesus Christ! 10 more words

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10 Things You Might Not Know About Catholics

This is a fun and interesting video about some things you might not know about the Catholic Church. Not much (any) apologetics in here, but interesting just the same.



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Cunctarum Haeresum Interemptri

The Slow Death of the Novus Ordo in the West

As the numbers of vocations continue to dwindle in the West, where priests are recruited from Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, India, Vietnam, and the Philippines, the entire experiment of anthropocentric religion in Catholic guise is on the verge of collapse.The new religion of man focused on this present world and getting along with everyone is failing in spectacular fashion. 847 more words

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A simple to understand State of the Church presentation. Numbers don't lie unless one agrees the new Francis theologians who think 2+ 2 can, at times, = 5.

Psalm 53 Sung in Aramaic for Pope Francis by Georgians

…And the acoustics are the only sound enhancement… This will give you chills… Amazing…

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Really, Ireland?

Hard to understand just what the Republic of Ireland is thinking. A few months ago they installed a picture of Che Guevara as somebody of Irish descent who had made a difference in South America. 470 more words


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And I still have this memory of the Irish Catholics and all the good priests that they supplied the US before and during the blood-letting of Che. My, how times have changed.

Alaska Catholic Bishops Speak out on the Administration’s DACA Decision

We, the Catholic bishops of Alaska, remain united in heart and mind with our brother bishops across this nation in condemning the Administration’s decision today to suspend DACA. 485 more words

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