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Two Catholic Rev. Fathers Killed In Fresh Benue Attack Inside The Church During Mass

Two Catholic Rev. Fathers Killed In Fresh Benue Attack Inside The Church During Mass. Armed Fulani herdsmen unleashed terror on Ayar Mbalom community in the Gwer East Local Government Area of Benue State on Tuesday, killing 19 persons, including two Rev. 4,434 more words


Those We Met

12 Noon   Back in Port-au-Prince and the whole group is now at Sans Fils—where Gail and I had visited earlier in the week. The others have gone inside—I can't because I'll just spread more germs since I’ve managed to pick up a upper respiratory infection somewhere along the line. 547 more words

YouTube thought police round up Alex Jones and Catholic priests for Internet Gulag

By John Miller

Sunday the 4th of March 2018

The YouTube commissars are on the move against the enemies of the Left again, and as the slave propaganda network that beams video impressions into our minds via our phones and computer screens steps up its purge of all non-conforming entities that threaten the corporate Goodthink of Google we are left to wonder: where will it all end? 691 more words


“Sometimes it’s through having a total disregard for political correctness, and indeed not overly concerning oneself with the possibility of causing offence, that the most memorable cinema is created” – Wayward Wolf. 775 more words

Dancing With Destiny

If ever there were doubts that we live in a society racing toward oblivion, Donald Trump and his minions have erased any such foolish thoughts.  America―once a paragon within the world order for moral high ground―is now a cesspool of filth, hatred and treachery. 858 more words

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Australian Gov't Recommends Making Celibacy Optional for Catholic Priests to Protect Children

The Australian government has recommended that celibacy be made optional for Catholic priests and that they be forced to report any child sexual abuse revealed to them.  422 more words