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How Long Will This One Last?

I am the Queen of Abandoned Blogs. Honestly, I’m more of a journal/diary keeper, which doesn’t lend itself well to a blog that’s supposed to focus on one thing. 214 more words

We did everything right, but our son still left the Church

I was the very best mother. I felt sorry for those other mothers who saw their sons or daughters leave the faith. My “sorrow” for them, however, included just a little bit of reproach for these parents-of-children-who-had-left-the-Church — parents who must not really have worked hard enough to keep their children fervent. 628 more words


Private/Parochial/Amish Schools = Concentration Camps


Catholic schools are concentration camps. Amish communities are concentration camps. How come? IT IS SIMPLE! Because they are being purposely held apart from the rest of this country. 1,864 more words



I can’t believe it; we have another Hidden Treasure Reader today! Wow! Craig read a great, old classic from 1956 called Stowaway To The Mushroom Planet… 66 more words

Accepting the CEAP Presidency

Last night the Board of Trustees unanimously approved a resolution of thanks to Brother Jun Erguiza for his stewardship of CEAP over the last three years. 807 more words

Heading to school with Jesus, in the Flesh

My buddy Rob called me the other day and asked me if I’d be available to “take a few photos” of All Saints Regional Catholic School’s re-dedication of the chapel housed there. 717 more words



When I was a kid at the Marist Brothers school in Kogarah, ten miles south of Sydney, from age 8 till 15, I would not have known what “pedophilia” meant, had I ever heard the word.  538 more words