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How Do I Write a (Non-Fiction) Proposal? (Part II: Your Market Summary)

Last week we covered how to write a query — that initial point of contact between an author and an editor, in which they do a little dance to figure out if a project has… 644 more words


Monday with Merton

The lights of prayer that make us imagine we are beginning to be angels are sometimes only signs that we are finally beginning to be men.

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Thomas Merton

In Which I Respond to an Amusing Critique of My Blog

Yesterday I chanced upon a random, short, and sarcastic review of the look and content of my blog on Reddit. I don’t even know the purpose of Reddit, by the way. 1,497 more words

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Divisions of Colliding Wills

A 7 Quick Takes post, kindly hosted at This Ain’t the Lyceum


“The spouse of Christ cannot be defiled; she is uncorrupted and chaste. She knows one home .

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Monday with Merton

“The whole function of the life of prayer is, then, to enlighten and strengthen our conscience so that it not only knows and perceives the outward, written precepts of the moral and divine laws, but above all lives God’s law in concrete reality by perfect and continual union with His will. 60 more words

Thomas Merton

What Does an Editor Do All Day?

Have you ever labored intensively for weeks, even months over what you are sure is a one-in-a-million book idea, worked up your nerve to send it to a real, live editor (or “publisher”), and waited . 451 more words

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How Can I Create a Talk That Will Sell Books? (guest post with Pat Gohn)

For this week’s post, I asked popular Catholic speaker, author and podcaster Pat Gohn to share some pointers for authors who want to connect with potential readers at conferences, retreats and talks. 375 more words

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