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What Does an Editor Do All Day?

Have you ever labored intensively for weeks, even months over what you are sure is a one-in-a-million book idea, worked up your nerve to send it to a real, live editor (or “publisher”), and waited . 451 more words

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#SmartAuthorTips: How to Create a Talk That Will Sell Books (guest post with Pat Gohn)

For this week’s post, I asked popular Catholic speaker, author and podcaster Pat Gohn to share some pointers for authors who want to connect with potential readers at conferences, retreats and talks. 375 more words

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In Mystery

A 7 Quick Takes Post as hosted at the This Ain’t the Lyceum blog.


“Of the beliefs and practices whether generally accepted or publicly enjoined which are preserved in the Church some we possess derived from written teaching; others we have received delivered to us “in mystery” by the tradition of the Apostles; and both of these in relation to true religion have the same force. 752 more words

Monday with Merton

“The first step in the interior life, nowadays, is not, as some might imagine, learning not to see and taste and hear and feel things. On the contrary, what we must do is begin by unlearning our wrong ways of seeing, tasting, feeling, and so forth, and acquire a few of the right ones. 77 more words

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Do I Need a Website? (ABCs of author websites)

When I am talking with authors (writing nonfiction Catholic spirituality) about putting together a proposal, one question comes up time and time again:

“How important is it to have a website or blog as part of my marketing platform?” 672 more words

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Uno sforzo di purificazione per Shakespeare

riprendo un pezzo sul Re Lear di Michele Placido scritto da Alessandra Quintavalla, che ha cortesemente interpellato il blogger e che potete trovare qui nella sua fonte originale. 670 more words

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In honor of Ave Maria Press’ 150th anniversary (next week!) I decided I would launch a special blog for Catholic writers, bloggers, and authors who are interested in learning more about Catholic publishing. 96 more words

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