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Day to Day Battle

The reality of living with a chronic condition like Fibromyalgia/Polyarthralgia/Chronic Pain Disorder/IBS/etc. is difficult to explain to someone on the “outside”….someone who is not dealing with our day to day battle. 280 more words

Lesson for ISIS: Murdering the Priest Sent Him Straight to Heaven as a True Martyr! [1]

A French priest, Fr. Jacques Hamel (age 85), was killed while saying Mass two days ago and the terrorists further insulted the God they pretend to honor by filming “themselves preaching in Arabic by the altar.”2… 364 more words


DNC, California Sanders Delegates Blocked.

Bernie delegate seats have been blocked off to later be filled by Craigslist actors.  (Actors were offered $50 on Craigslist to go and fill seats.) (allegedly)  I have my reservations about the uploader’s claims about the white noise machines.  14 more words

United Nations

Updated List of Falseflags During Week of DNC.

How lone-wolves are triggered for false flag terrorism:

Blackmail. Individuals are subjected to legal troubles.  Then personal scandals, some of which are quietly leaked to family.  271 more words

Hillary Clinton

A Photoless Past

Ahh, Facebook. You wolf in sheep’s clothing, you. A veritable Taylor Swift, if you will.


I love me some T. Swizzle.

But it’s true. 875 more words


Magnolia Cemetery - Charleston, SC

The first thing that I research when I’m going on vacation is the closest Catholic Cemetery.  I just LOVE finding new statuary to photograph and the Catholics know how to do religious statues better than anybody else.   177 more words