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Refuting Miss Mocha Uson's Anti-Christ ang CBCP

Again and again, how to know an Anti-Christ? Simple! People who denies the Father and the Son as He proclaimed He and His Father are One(including he Holy Spirit, John 10:30) and also those who wages war against His Body, the Mother Church, and Her teachings.Mohammad, Nero, Arius of Alexandria, etc. 79 more words


Ten ways the Pope's visit can help us examine our national history and psyche

So the visit of Pope Francis in 2018 will not be triumphalist – but should we expect contrition? As we once did with the Brits, we now like to blame the … 11 more words


The end of Catholic Marriage

What Pope Francis and his supporters are saying right now is not rationally coherent. So we need to let things settle. The Holy Spirit will reveal truth in … 11 more words


Whom will you choose — God or the devil?

Fast-forward one decade: In the 2014 and 2015 Synods of Bishops on the family, and Pope Francis‘ “Amoris Laetitia” (The Joy of Love) apostolic … 10 more words


The faith of Moses, God counts on trust


God the Father:  My Daughter, do not be afraid. I do not proceed with you as I did  with Moses. This can not be compared so directly. 182 more words


Christmas is NOT about Family

It is about Christ.

It is about the declaration of war against sin and Satan.

It is about our Christian faith which the martyrs of the past have suffered horribly for, which the martyrs of the present continue to suffer horribly for, and which the martyrs of the future will continue to suffer horribly for. 332 more words


The Good News of Technology

These technologies that I have learned will definitely help me in the years to come. The world has changed a lot from the days without the internet. 353 more words