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God's Bankers and Pontiff: Too Improbable for Fiction

A major subplot of my twisty thriller Pontiff involves the secretive Vatican Bank and a new pope’s desire to clean it up.  There’s a new book out called… 353 more words


Homily 130: New Life

5th Sunday of Lent B

Few years ago, I gave a homily to the grade school students in one parish. The gospel at that time was about the 10… 839 more words


The Evil God Hypothesis?

Imagine the universe and all within it was created, by a creator. Pretend he/she is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient…

Let us consider for one moment the idea that ‘your’ God is not Good, but is instead Evil… 242 more words


Great Catholic Response to a Protestant - Boom!

We discovered the outstanding response to a “protester” attacking the Church in a comment section in regards to the following question:  “Was St. Joseph a Virgin or a widower with Children?” 587 more words


Passion of the Lord..Trial of the human condition

Who is really on trial here?    Or rather, what is on trial here?

On the surface, it is Jesus; but as good Catholics, we are not biblical literalists, but sacramentalists, so we look for the invisible reality beyond the visible words. 448 more words


Kristine Franklin: A Non-Denominational Missionary Who Became A Catholic – The Journey Home Program

For years, the Catholic Television Network (EWTN) has had a show called The Journey Home. My parents used to watch this show when I was a child, for the few years that we had a dish before we tore the roof off the house. 622 more words

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The Meekness of St. Vincent de Paul

St. Vincent de Paul was of a bilious-sanguine temperament, and, consequently, much inclined to anger, as he himself admitted to a friend, saying, that when he was in the house of Conde, he allowed himself to be conquered more than once by his disposition to melancholy and to fits of passion. 210 more words