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God's Sanctuary

Try to disengage yourself from so many cares, and take a little time to think of God and to rest in Him. Enter into the secret chamber of your heart, and banish from it every thing save your Creator alone and what can help you to find Him; then having closed the door, say to Him, with all your soul: “Lord, I seek Thy divine countenance, — teach me to find it!” -St. 238 more words


Fathers' Manual - To Obtain the Confidence of a Child

Mary, pray with me to obtain the gift that I may have the confidence of my child . As you know, a father needs the confidence in order to guide his children properly. 129 more words

Catholic Life

St. Ignatius - On Being Confessors to Kings

The sovereign and everlasting love of Christ our Lord be ever our help and favor.

From various letters received from Portugal we learn that his highness had asked, with pressing devotion, that you and Father Luis Gonçalves act as his confessors, but that you have both excused yourselves, not on the grounds of conscience or because of scruples in directing his highness, whom you consider a saint, as you say, but because you think that this is an honor which should be refused no less than a bishopric or a royal chaplaincy. 796 more words

Catholic Life

A Jesuit and his faith (2)

This is the second, and concluding part of  William Doino’s article on Fr Frederick C Copleston, SJ (1907-1994). It was first published in the Fall 1996 issue of  1,739 more words


St. Peter Chrysologus-30th July

St. Peter Chrysologus

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Lived(406-450?) | Feast Day: Saturday, July 30, 2016

Born at Imola, 406; died there, 450. His biography, first written by Agnellus (Liber pontificalis ecclesiæRavennatis) in the ninth century, gives but scanty information about him. 175 more words

Feasts And Commemorations

A Brief History of Christian Fasting

Adapted from paper presented for the “Spiritual Disciplimes” class at ACM in March 2016 (personal bits removed – and, indeed, rendered irrelevant by intervening events). … 1,406 more words