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St. Etheldreda

St. Etheldreda, or Audry, Virgin and Abbess

A.D. 679.

ST. ETHELDREDA or EDILTRUDIS, commonly called Audry, was third daughter of Annas or Anna, the holy king of the East Angles, and St. 1,082 more words

St. Mary of Oignies

St. Mary of Oignies

HER parents, who were wealthy inhabitants of Nivelle, in Brabant, gave her a virtuous education, and married her young to a gentleman remarkable for his piety. 882 more words

St. John's Eve Bonfire

St. John’s Eve Bonfire

The Birth of St. John the Baptist falls around the summer solstice, and is known as the “summer Christmas.” Picnics and bonfires on the eve of the feast are traditional, as Florence Berger explains. 915 more words

St. John Fisher

St. John Fisher

Cardinal, Bishop of Rochester, and Martyr; born at Beverley, Yorkshire, England, 1459 (?1469); died 22 June, 1535.

John was the eldest son of Robert Fisher, merchant of Beverley, and Agnes his wife. 1,751 more words

The Vigil of St. John the Baptist

The Vigil of St. John the Baptist

There was in the days of Herod, the King of Judea, a certain priest named Zachary, of the course of Abia, and his wife was of the daughters of Aaron, and her name Elizabeth. 1,162 more words

Mark Hollis Brought Me Back to Christianity

It was Talk Talk’s final track, “Time it’s Time,” that fully brought me back to my long neglected Christian faith in 1988. ¬†And, with lots of help from some guy I met in Morocco and with hours upon hours of discussions with Kevin McCormick. 102 more words

Some Preliminary Comments on Purgatory

Soon (and I am not sure how soon) I will be releasing some articles on the differences between Roman Catholics and Orthodox as it pertains to their view of the afterlife. 1,782 more words