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Brief response to Breedveld's 'Jon en Ayaan'

As I’ve written before, in my opinion Ayaan Hirsi Ali is the perfect example of a ‘house Muslim‘, someone who Islamophobes point to as evidence of their equal opportunity hatred of Muslims (given their ethnic/cultural background) and who is handsomely rewarded for their job. 1,259 more words

The Meekness of St. Francis de Sales

St. Francis de Sales himself had the very highest regard for this virtue . He spoke of it so frequently and with so much love, as to show clearly it was his chosen one among all. 237 more words


Bible 1 Yr – Day 75 – On a mission from God

Today we read about Paul sent out on his first journey to evangelize the known world. Paul is in Antioch at a Church there. The Holy Spirit appears to their leadership and gives Paul and Barnabas the mission to begin evangelizing the far reaches of the world. 545 more words


Station Hymn

Thy slayers, dear Jesus, we kneel round Thy cross,
Poor Adam’s sad children, we mourn here our loss,
Till words that release us fall softly as dew: 94 more words


Job's Repentance

The more a person considers God’s justice, the better he sees his own fault. Hence, Job declared, “I retract” (Jb 42:6). And because a person must not only confess his sins, but must also make satisfaction, he adds, “I repent in dust and ashes” (Jb 42:6). 118 more words