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The Catholic Church's stance on sex should "get with the times"

I’m exasperated with this institution’s decision to restrict my freedom. Saying no to something so great totally robs our hearts of that intimacy we long for, right? 1,109 more words


A Divine Donut

I’m pretty into two things in this world, Catholicism and baked goods. Every now and then these two things collide in a glorious way.

For me Sunday’s are beautiful and also awful. 1,086 more words

Early Christian Monotheism

Paul Williams continues on from the last episode; the topic of conversation shifts to the early Christian monotheism and how today it is anything but monotheistic. Featuring Hussain Thomas.


Catholicism: Divided and getting worse

Catholics and ex-Catholic Christians who are older than sixty can remember the period of great turmoil in the church that followed the Second Vatican Council, 1962-1965. 721 more words


When our False Evangelical Leaders Met with the Pope...

When: 24th July 2014

Who: John and Carol Arnott, Tony Palmer, Kenneth Copeland, James & Betty Robison, Geoff Tunnicliffe, Brian Stiller and Thomas Schirrmacher. Many of these people are famous prosperity gospel preachers and are known for their involvement with demonic signs and wonders and the ecumenical movement. 37 more words