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What's stopping me from becoming Catholic? Do you have an hour?

I listen to Catholic talk radio every day, which some may think very strange given the nature of this blog, but I do like to keep up with the latest news and views regarding Roman Catholicism. 717 more words



Warning! The New Testament says nothing about the Catholic notions of the priesthood and the sacrifice of the mass. God’s Word, in direct contrast, says sacrifice for sin is over. 107 more words


Moses and the Catholic mass

After being raised in Catholicism, I began to drift away from the church in my teen years, even though the high school I attended was Catholic. 657 more words


Mary: A humble sinner saved by grace or an exalted semi-deity?

A Christian’s Pocket Guide to Mary: Mother of God?
By Leonardo De Chirico
Christian Focus Publications, 2017, 106 pages

There’s little doubt that the most important difference between Biblical Christianity and Roman Catholicism is how a person is saved. 330 more words


Pope Francis what the fuck are you thinking????? Are you fucking serious Pope Francis?

This son of a bitch man. I’m sorry but what the fuck are you thinking? You change the “Our Father” and put your own words into it, and you are saying you are the equivilant to God himself. 85 more words