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Catholic church twists itself into a pretzel trying to deal with Francis' "reforms"

Last week, I posted a message about the local Catholic talk radio station I listen to for information purposes that did an abrupt about-face in regard to their new show, “The Catholic Current” (see far below). 546 more words


Vatican convicts ex-Guam archbishop accused of abuse

Source: Associated Press


The Vatican didn’t say what exactly Archbishop Anthony Apuron had been convicted of, and the sentence was far lighter than those given high-profile elderly prelates found guilty of molesting minors. 130 more words

The Muslim Times

The 12 Apostles NEVER Left Israel

the original 12 Apostles never left Israel despite the Great Commission which told them to go to the ends of the Earth. That includes Peter which would make it hard for him to be the first pope since he witnessed to Jews only. 109 more words

Body Of Christ / Israel

An irenic invitation to Roman Catholics to accept Christ

The Road Once Travelled
By Mark Gilbert with Cecily Paterson
Matthias Media, 2010, 63 pages

There are hundreds of good resources on Roman Catholicism from a Bible Christian perspective (see my listing… 248 more words


St. Patrick's Day: What you should know about the real-life saint

In a historic paradox, the flash and festivities of St. Patrick’s Day — the parades, the mugs of Guinness, the shamrock pins, the “w’arin’ o’ th’ green” — stand in stark contrast with the saint they honor. 679 more words