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Latin American Churches

In my posting the other day on Why Did I Go to Ecuador?, I seem to have left out one of the main reasons. This applies equally to Peru and probably Colombia, but not so much to Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay. 243 more words



Ever wondered why we can never achieve world peace? There are a million factors why we can never never have peace as planet earth. Just thinking about peace makes tears roll down some of our cheeks. 904 more words


Are Catholic street evangelizers giving out good news or very bad news?

The American Catholic church put very little effort into evangelization until recent years. The thinking was that new members were constantly being added to the church anyway as infants were born into Catholic families, but with the number of practicing Catholics declining in the U.S., mainly because of the indifference of its own membership, the church is beginning to make evangelization a priority. 603 more words


Growing up in various cultures, Missionary Kids share their unique worldviews

By: W. Bennett Brown

According to LU Serve International, Liberty University is home to 278 missionary kids (MKs), and the one aspect of the worldview that many missionary kids share when coming to the U.S. 1,434 more words

How Catholics view evangelicals

This past October, the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops published a 12-page booklet titled, “Our Evangelical Neighbours – A Catholic Reflection on Evangelical Christianity.” The stated purpose of the booklet is to promote dialogue and unity between evangelicals and Catholics. 301 more words


By their fruits you shall know them

It has become the fashionable custom in developed societies, first world nations, to identify as a Christian, in particular in the face of perceived or actual not-so-friendly secular governments. 140 more words

God The Father