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Nuns Gone Wild!

The Nuns of Sant’Ambrogio: The True Story of a Convent in Scandal

by Hubert Wolf

Knopf, 2015, 496 pages.

Protestant literature of the 19th and early 20th centuries abounded with “convent escape narratives,” first-hand accounts of abuse and debauchery in Roman Catholic convents as reported by ex-nuns. 914 more words


St. Joseph's Cathedral, Hanoi

It wasn’t just once that I got lost in Hanoi when I was there last May. And every time I got lost, I found something interesting. 83 more words


Mark, chapter 6: The dance, the promise, the beheading

John the Baptist, model of conscience.

Spoke truth to power, as many self-righteous of this day claim they do, when they know nothing of the kind of power he faced, autocratic, middle eastern, first-century A.D., rule by whim of ruler. 195 more words


Book Review: Behind the Purple Curtain

Behind the Purple Curtain

by Walter Manuel Montano

Cowman Publications, 1950

Catholic Clerico Fascism in South America

Post Second World War Americans were accustomed to hearing about the poor souls trapped behind the Soviet Union’s “Iron Curtain” and Communist China’s “Bamboo Curtain.” In “Behind the Purple Curtain” ex-Dominican monk and Evangelical missionary, Walter Montano, examines the intolerance of Roman Catholicism in countries where it enjoyed a religious majority and received the strong support of the local and national governments. 476 more words


Next time you drive past a Catholic church on Sunday morning...

Many Evangelicals pass a Catholic church on Sunday morning and probably think to themselves, “Sure, Catholics worship God a little differently than we do but we’re all worshipping the same God, that’s the important thing.” But let’s examine that thought. 622 more words