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10 Commandments for Lovers of the Most Blessed Sacrament

Do You Refrain from Useless Chatter before the Tabernacle?

How About Dressing Modestly and Reverently for Mass?

by Monsignor Charles M. Mangan:

1. Attend Holy Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation, even daily if possible. 562 more words


(Letter from President of Students for Life)

Dear Friend,

This morning, one of Students for Life’s brave high school student leaders was on Fox News. I’ve got to share with you her story. 491 more words


A Conversion Story to Catholicism

Ten years ago, on the Vigil of Pentecost, I received my first three sacraments and became a Roman Catholic. From an eternal standpoint, it was probably the best day of my life. 1,085 more words

Calls for Prayer and Fasting for Kidnapped Syrian Monks

The Syrian Catholic Patriarch, Ignatius Ephrem Joseph III Younan, has called for prayer and fasting for two monks kidnapped from Syria last week.

​There has been no word from Father Jacques Mourad, a Syrian priest kidnapped by unknown persons on Thursday along with Deacon Boutros Hanna, at the monastery of St. 305 more words

3 Types of Christians who turn people from God

During his homily at Casa Santa Marta, Pope Francis spoke about the three types of Christians who keep people from God. They are: the selfish, the worldly, and the rigorists. 65 more words

teens in the wider culture are calling for a different sort of spirit—namely, the Devil.

“Come Holy Spirit and Fill the Hearts of Your Faithful….” Days after celebrating Pentecost, as Christians we have rekindled our devotion to the third person of the Trinity, perhaps praying once again for his presence and help. 879 more words

Who are ‘the least of these’? They may not be the poor

When asked to describe the essence of the Christian message,Mother Teresa would often hold up a child’s hand and recite Jesus’ words in Matthew 25:40… 797 more words