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One of those angry, old, ex-Catholics?

In 1994, Chuck Colson’s and “father” Richard John Neuhaus’s ecumenical “Evangelicals and Catholics Together” project issued its first statement, “Evangelicals and Catholics Together: The Christian Mission in the Third Millennium.” The gist of the declaration was that both camps recognized the other as “Christian” and resolved to join as allies in the culture war against secularism. 594 more words


Popular Evangelical, Joni Eareckson Tada, endorses ecumenical "First Things"

I have a 25-minute drive to work each morning and while I’m in my car I really enjoy listening to a local Christian radio station. Oh, it’s a blessing to hear about the Lord at the start of every day! 482 more words


Walter Martin was no admirer of Catholicism but dropped the ball in "Kingdom of the Cults"

The Roman Catholic Church in History

By Walter Martin

Christian Research Institute, 1960, 87 pages

Most of today’s younger believers have never heard of Walter Martin (1928-1989) but the man played an important role in modern Evangelicalism. 239 more words


Catholic Church's Popularity Surges Among Democrats Following Pope Francis' Visit

Pope Francis’ American visit has earned him some new fans among some very unlikely groups of people, including liberals and non-Catholics, according to a Pew Research Center survey… 227 more words

Pope Bergoglio feeling heat from "progressives"

In our postmodern, pluralistic society where all truth is relative, it’s REALLY bad form to judge anyone because of their sexuality or marital status. But the Catholic church defines homosexual activity and remarriage after divorce as “mortal” sins and theoretically bars practicing gays and divorced “adulterers” from the sacraments. 243 more words


Roman Evangelical pastor asks, Is the pope the Anti-Christ?

Here’s a thought-provoking article from Roman Evangelical Pastor, Leonardo De Chirico, asking if the Reformers were correct in identifying the pope as the Anti-Christ. I’m actually of the opinion that the pope is the False Prophet. 54 more words


Pope attempts to prevent three-way Catholic split

Catholic apologists like to present their church as a unified monolith but behind the facade pope Bergoglio walks a tightrope trying to keep the Traditionalists and Progressives happy. 77 more words