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The Abracadabbra Roman Catholic Church

Do you know that God made an everlasting covenant with Israel? Despite that the Roman Catholic Church chose to replace themselves with Israel by prayer. Are you also aware that the Roman Catholic Church was reformed before the reformation? 23 more words


Was Peter to be the First Catholic? NO!

I’ve often wondered if Roman Catholics can read? Or follow the orders of the Savior? Jesus clearly says to his disciples to NOT go to the Gentiles and that included Peter. 132 more words


The Indianapolis Church Within

How would you like to go to church and hear a drummer banging slowly for over half the service? Talk about Excedrin headache number 922. Or to hear a verse or two from the Quran? 193 more words


For today’s “Throwback Thursday” installment, we’re going to revisit a slightly re-edited post that was first published back on August 28th, 2015.

Many evangelicals pass a Catholic church on Sunday morning and probably think to themselves, “Sure, Catholics worship God a little differently than we do, but we’re all worshiping the same God, that’s the important thing.” But let’s examine that thought.

653 more words

Suppressing the Truth In Unrighteousness

When I spoke with Father Mike about how he had fooled everybody about being a child molester he said, I didn’t fool everyone. A great many regular priests knew about I was doing but said nothing. 87 more words


The Gospel of Mary: Kent, Control your Enthuiasm

I can almost discern Kents Excitement about this topic but in 1896 a Gospel of Mary Was found. Very soon there after it became apparent that the Mary in question was Mary Magdalene. 73 more words