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What would you do if you found a wallet containing $1000 in cash?

There’s several verses in the Bible that state there is NOT ONE person on the planet who is good and pure of heart. Even the things we do that we think are good, the Bible calls filthy rags in God’s sight. 761 more words


Church Control by Communist Party

As Chinese President Xi Jinping continues to “tighten” the Communist Party’s grip on “religious practice,” more and more Christians are “opting” out of the official, state-recognized church and… 857 more words

Chinese Culture

The "Coexist" bumper sticker

I was driving home from work today when I spotted a “Coexist” bumper sticker on the back of the car in front of me. You’re no doubt familiar with these stickers. 405 more words


Catholic blogger bemoans declining church membership

Recent religious statistics reveal American Catholics are leaving their church in droves. One of three people who were raised in the church no longer identifies as Catholic. 587 more words


A Message to Former Catholics

Did you try to understand all the teachings of the Church as best as you can? Did you read the Catechism? The Papal encyclicals? The works of the saints? 161 more words


My thoughts as the world mourns Prince

Famous avant garde rock star, Prince, died last Thursday and news sources have been buzzing ever since. I don’t know much about Prince other than he was a VERY popular entertainer and that his gender-bender stage persona and suggestive song lyrics ran counter to the standards of sexuality and morality we find in God’s Word. 451 more words


Advice to Katlick apologists

Don’t debate atheists, convert them with love and prayer.

I don’t know whether we should have a battle for minds or for souls. If I am to convert anyone, it would be to look at the world with a common sense approach, an approach that allows them to question if donkeys talk, if men eat fish or fish eat men, and whether dead people roam about.