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Be Righteous in the Dark

Brigham Young once said, “We need to learn to be righteous in the dark.”

There are a couple of ways I look at this. One, is with to be without sight. 1,008 more words


Tribute to Police

I want you to know that I honor and respect those who risk their lives to defend and protect the innocent. Those who go beyond the call of duty as they offer a kind word or a smile when they see someone who needs it. 896 more words


Prison: Rehabilitation or Time out for Adults?

As always I want to give a new view on a much publicised news story. It seems no one has mentioned the major failure in this instance. 646 more words


Kindness is contagious

A police officer was the first human to show me kindness. When he lifted me and covered my nakedness, he smiled at me in a kind way. 824 more words


Death in the Cathedral - Archangel Michael

On a recent trip to Paris we decided to visited the iconic Notre Dame cathedral. Not only is it an architectural masterpiece, it also has some rather interesting objects within it. 235 more words


"Rabidly Xenophobic": Donald Trump Isn’t The First Know Nothing To Capture American Hearts

Pundits have been trying for weeks to explain why Donald Trump has continued to lead Republican polls, drawing massive crowds and attracting a media circus, despite stepping in it… 934 more words


NcR in the "Crucify Him!" Crowd? They Were the Majority, After All!

NcR (National catholic Reporter, Not Catholic Reporter, National catholic Fishwrap, National Catholic Distorter – the nickname list keeps growing) knows the end is near for the “big fight” they’ve had going on in their minds over who the Catholic Church must or mustn’t fire. 3,053 more words