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Read About The Real Reason Scientology Is An Occult Religion - The CIA Asked L. Ron Hubbard To Do It

Sometimes, getting up above all the ‘noise’ is the best way to really see things in their proper perspective. Today’s post is in that spirit of… 2,913 more words

Historical Research

Welcome to the Weekend Roundup - News & Views - 6/24/17

Some may consider the picture of pope Francis photoshopped into the Godfather to be a bit much, but I thought it was appropriate for the first two stories: 731 more words


Solving the "Willis Weatherford" Caper

I thought some might enjoy this very unusual tale of how and why I began this blog two years ago, so here goes:

During my “prodigal” years away from the Lord, I attempted to fill my spiritual emptiness by reading and posting reviews of books on Amazon; mostly historical non-fiction dealing with Poland and Polish-Jewish relations. 551 more words


"Gregorian masses" - just more religious calculus

In the interest of thoroughness I’d like to elaborate a bit on a previous post in which I referred to “Gregorian masses” (see here). I usually try to pursue the rationale behind Catholic rituals and ceremonies beyond the superficial to their self-refuting conclusions but for some reason I failed to carry forward my argument regarding Gregorian masses to its finality. 671 more words


#OTD in 1994 – Loughinisland Massacre: The UVF shot dead six Catholic civilians and wounded five others during a gun attack on a pub in Loughinisland, Co Down.

While the Republic of Ireland – Italy game is going on, two members of the Loyalist Ulster Volunteer Force walk into The Heights Bar in Loughinisland, Co Down with assault rifles and kill six Catholics who are watching the game. 216 more words

Irish History

The deep riches of the "simple" Gospel

The Gospel According to Paul
By John MacArthur
Nelson Books, 2017, 219 pages

Most everyone in America has heard of the “Gospel” (Greek, εὐαγγέλιον, euangélion, “good news”) but the word means different things to different people. 706 more words


Fake Catholics

via The Kids Are Alt Right VI

The Pope is not Jesus, he doesn’t over-ride Jesus either. Stop.

He caused the refugee problem in the first place to expand his empire. 29 more words