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New organization, the Reformanda Initiative, seeks to educate Evangelicals about Roman Catholicism

I guess you could say I’m a bit of a Christian “Rumpelstiltskon.” I walked away from the Lord back in 1991 because I was fed up with “churchianity” but finally returned to my patient and wonderfully merciful Lord (who never left me) in 2014. 401 more words


What defines an Evangelical vs. what defines a Catholic?

The National Association of Evangelicals (hardly a beacon of uncompromising orthodoxy) and Lifeway Research (affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention) recently teamed up to develop a “standard definition for what it means to be an Evangelical.” See the article… 632 more words


Ach! Another worldwide-Jesuit-conspiracy book. The Gospel and verifiable history are more than enough.

While Men Slept…
By Karen Frazier Romero
Trafford Publishing, 2015, 174 pages.

Evangelical Protestants have been critiquing Roman Catholicism and its salvation-by-merit system for almost 500 years. 544 more words


Don't Send Us your Tired and Poor....

More than 30 U.S. states refusing Syrian refugees on ‘shaky legal ground’

In wake of Paris attacks, governors of at least 31 U.S. states announce plans to bar Syrian refugees… 422 more words

Stand firm and hold to the teaching. 2Thessalonians 2:13-17

The similarity between the Mumbai and Mali attack are all conducted by extremist terrorist who target the economic sector of both country to expose its security vulnerability and scare people from visiting the country. 609 more words


Why would someone leave Catholicism's "well-balanced meal" for Evangelical "junk food"?

In the article below, Catholic writer, Patti Maguire Armstrong, sadly ponders why a friend and her family have left the “one, holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church” for an Evangelical church. 637 more words


The compromise begins

Baptists and Roman Catholicism

By James Leo Garrett, Jr.

Broadman Press, 1965, 45 pages

In this 1965 booklet, Southern Baptist theologian, James Garrett, examines historical Baptist attitudes towards Roman Catholicism in North America. 574 more words