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Mass and the Book of Revelation

Reading the Book of Revelation for class and realized that much of what is said/done at Mass is in this book.


Catholic Modesty

For some time, I have struggled with a proper understanding of modesty. Should I only wear loose clothing that does not show my shape? Should I avoid wearing make-up? 470 more words


I am really sick of bad Catholics

If you do not even try to live your faith, and stay in the State of Grace; don’t come snooping around here. Get to Confession, and stay offline! 15 more words

Catholic Faith

Writing Challenge : " The Ten Commandments" ; Five photos, Five stories - DAY 01

I don’t understand what these writings mean when I first saw it but, I recognized what these are. The writing at the bottom of the tablet,  “Thy Will Be Done” , which is in English would lead us that this is the Ten Commandments of God. 75 more words


To be a student. To be a professor. To be human.

I recently heard a story about how a professor encouraged some of his grad students to date by inviting them over to dinner to talk about class or whatever, but really doing so to see if they’d notice each other. 514 more words


Irish priest proves Jesus never existed: Church bans him from teaching and speaking to media

“…at the age of 71 years, Thomas L. Brodie appears to have been condemned to live out the rest of his life in silence in exchange for retirement care.  156 more words