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@AssumptaHart does not exist

I just wanted to write this quick post, especially after my previous post about “why people hate trannies”, because I feel like the criticism of the trans community from within the community isn’t happening or isn’t as visible as it should be. 359 more words


Fake Goths

It’s been a few months since the whole Cathy Brennan is a fake goth thing started. It had died down. And then some friends were locked out of their accounts for 24 hours for months-old posts. 312 more words


I know why there has been a massive increase in the number of people seeking help to change their gender.

I haven’t had a very good week – and yes, I do mean that from the morbidly introspective, self-pitying, emotionally hyper-aware viewpoint of the periodically depressed.  4,388 more words


Michael Nugent (Atheist Ireland) supports transmisogynistic hate speech

Note: since Michael is fond of throwing around defamation threats, let me make clear from the outset that “support” in the title is intended in the sense of “provides material support”. 1,151 more words