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UPDATE: Fake Goth Banned! Can't Block Cathy Brennan?

I have written twice before about Cathy Brennan. You may know Cathy Brennan for being litigious, doxxing trans women, cis fuckery and for being a fake goth. 506 more words


Conflict, Self-Love, and Sisterhood: WLRN's Edition 10 Podcast

This month’s edition of Women’s Liberation Radio News is our tenth so far, focusing on “Conflict, Self-Love & Sisterhood” within the independent women’s movement. How can we strategize through the inevitable personal and political conflicts women’s organizations face? 160 more words


@AssumptaHart does not exist

I just wanted to write this quick post, especially after my previous post about “why people hate trannies”, because I feel like the criticism of the trans community from within the community isn’t happening or isn’t as visible as it should be. 359 more words


Fake Goths

It’s been a few months since the whole Cathy Brennan is a fake goth thing started. It had died down. And then some friends were locked out of their accounts for 24 hours for months-old posts. 310 more words


I know why there has been a massive increase in the number of people seeking help to change their gender.

I haven’t had a very good week – and yes, I do mean that from the morbidly introspective, self-pitying, emotionally hyper-aware viewpoint of the periodically depressed.  4,388 more words