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Are We Questioning The News?

A recent debate on Channel 4 News  in the UK has created quite a stir. It was originally billed as a debate about the gender pay gap, which in itself is nothing too outrageous. 724 more words


Arriving, delivering, and why Jordan Peterson's decimation of Cathy Newman shows why nothing has actually changed for women.


Idea-shaming seems to be the only trick in #MeToo’s bag.

It didn’t work for Hillary Clinton. She lost an election because of her perpetual mental  1,890 more words

Alleged Journalism

Jordan Peterson. Who needs bridges?

For some weeks I have had a speech sitting awaiting my attention. I found it when the story broke of Lindsay Shepherd. She was the teacher at… 679 more words

Speech Critique

Lay it on thick

So, in an earlier post, I suggested that the Jordan Peterson-Cathy Newman interview fell short because it didn’t really get to the heart of his world-view and he wasn’t able to take us back to belief in the triune God as the root of all his thinking. 942 more words

The Christian Life

Cathy Newman “debates” Jordan Peterson

This is a great example of why the UK has a little something called “shy conservatives.” In a TV exchange new poster child for leftist bullies Cathy Newman shows off her social justice credentials by treating her conservative guest like dirt. 14 more words


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Cathy_Newman’s #Channel_4 Interview of #Jordan_Peterson & Just Where Is It Going … 1,408 more words


Why Jordan Peterson is a prophet for a lost generation of young, useless Western men.

Jordan Peterson is on the cusp of making the transition from an ‘alt-right’ (I don’t agree) cult internet figure to a mainstream political and cultural critic. 1,144 more words