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finals week

Once again, I have entered myself into a state of sleep deprivation and stimulant-binge. My slight hallucinations are back. Right now, the lights in my kitchen flicker sometimes. 495 more words


Beauty and the Beast 18.3.2017

Postingan pertama di tahun 2017😊 Tadinya udah mau diterlantarkan saja blog nya 😄.

Tapi sayang juga kl yg ini ga di save buat kenang2 an. Dari awal heboh film ini sy ga gitu tertarik nonton krn bukan film kartun cathy pasti rewel. 591 more words


Two of Fish

Placement: The Negligible Arcana

Description: Two goldfish jump out of the water together while sharing spaghetti in the same fashion as Lady and the Tramp. Walt Disney Pictures does not want you to know this, but they pilfered the entire plot from… 143 more words

Negligible Arcana

Cathy: The Comic for Women

Most comics are targeted toward boys.  Some are written for children.  Others are intended for teenagers and adults.  The only comic I have ever found for women, though, is… 468 more words

Newspaper Comic Strips

Why Cultural Sensitivity Matters More Than Ever in 2017 - LSIC -Matthew Hill

The London School of Communication’s Cathy Wellings asked me to pen something on the need for keeping culturally aware and sensitive in these challenging times. With her permission, here is an except and a link to the full article on the LSIC website. 23 more words


Spring break in T minus 16 days

Fuck, I haven’t stated on my homework, my first class is at 8am, and I was doing so well on sleep until now. But I feel a little shitty, so I’m going to write a post to declutter my thoughts. 849 more words


We Love How Little We Know About Emily

Disputed portrait of Emily Brontë, circa 1848.

“If men could see us as we really are, they would be a little amazed; but the cleverest, the acutest men are often under an illusion about women…their good woman is a queer thing, half doll, half angel; their bad woman is almost always a fiend.” –Shirley, Charlotte Brontë 1,706 more words