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Watch: The Last Five Years

Fangirls, it’s no secret to my friends that I’m a musical fan. I have been for most of my life. I love seeing them, I love listening to them, I love blasting them from my car with my windows down while I sing along. 718 more words


Daddy pertama kali ke eco park ancol 16 july 2015

yeay hari ini daddy libur lebaran hari pertama, dr malam ud dibicarakan bhwa bsok mau ke eco park, pdhal hari sebelom nya mama and cathy ud cape dr ocean samudra. 565 more words


Cathy ke ocean dream samudra ancol 15 july 2015

Rencana pergi ini ud dr tahun lalu, cuma masi maju mundur krn wkt itu cathy masi asi jd blm pede bw anak sambil buka tutup pabrik susu di keramaian. 378 more words


Sarah Palin Proves Herself a Heartless Fool!

Callous is the word that comes to mind as we read Sarah Palin’s post today regarding the death of Mrs. Cathy, billionaire, wife of deceased founder of Chick-fil-A restaurant. 715 more words

Meet Cathy Jager

        Cathy has her daughter Carina to thank for the shared hobby of jewellery making that has now become her passion. As a former teacher and Assistant Principal, now natural therapist, qualified in Energy Healing, Cathy understands the importance of activities which ground and focus the mind into a state of presence. 137 more words

2015 Greenwich Village Arts Trail.

CAUTION: Our spontaneity is showing!

The thesaurus offers such synonyms to spontaneity as naturalness,

freedom and impulsiveness. What a way to describe the summer break home at St. Joseph’s Indian School! 700 more words

St. Joseph's Indian School