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Skinny Lister eating jellied eels in new music video "Cathy"

I hope you have had a decent meal before watching the new Skinny Lister video for “Cathy”.  In the video the band members race each other in a jellied eel eating contest. 104 more words


Goddess Is An Amazing Teacher

i used to be a very proactive slave; very aggressive in serving my unbelievably amazing Goddess. i would post Facebook statuses, be the first to comment on anything related to Her and generally be omnipresent. 437 more words



Sarah has a standard reaction to the camera nowadays, though she will occasionally exert sheer force of will and not only stay put but assume a pleasant expression for the sake of faraway relatives who want to track the changes as she grows up or who’d like to see her in person but will settle for a photo today. 82 more words