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Adventure and 'Way to Go' at St. Joseph's Indian School!

As the new school year quickly approaches, St. Joseph’s wanted to take a moment to look back at the past school year. 

Hi! My name is Cathy.

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Native American

Hari pertama pertemuan orang tua 19.7.2016 IPEKA Tomang 1

Ini hari pertama mama and cathy menginjakan kaki di sekolah padahal yg lain sudah masuk dr kemaren hari senin. Pertemuan jam 10 isi data and beberapa pertanyaan mengenai anak semisal ada les, ada hobi, ada adik ato kakak, drmh di asuh oleh siapa, tinggal serumah dg anggota keluarga lain dll lah basic. 380 more words


The Chocolate Box Girls Series by Cathy Cassidy Epub

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The Chocolate Box Girls Series by Cathy Cassidy

Cherry Costello’s life is about to change forever. She and Dad are moving to Somerset where a new mum and a bunch of brand-new sisters await.

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A week of downs and ups especially with Piper

On Monday June 20th we met for our Bible Study. It was the first meeting we held properly in our new extension and it was lovely to meet there. 667 more words


A quieter week and Cathy's travels continues

I was glad to have a quieter week as I could relax at home with my beloved; something I much appreciate watching films and DVDs with my beloved. 306 more words


A Busy Week and Cathy's Travels

On Monday June 6th I met up for a meal and a chat with my best friend Hilary. We enjoyed a meal at Table Table restaurant, where normally the waiters and waitresses are only too ready to serve us, but we were rather neglected and had to wait to be served. 775 more words


Talking about Wuthering Heights

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Well, today I was just reading Wuthering Heights. Now, despite having read it before, when I hear ‘Wuthering Heights’ I still think of Kate Bush. 151 more words