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I got your theory of relativity right here...

It was the very start of my junior year.
Nora and I had broken up. A fling with Dru had built up my confidence. I arrived on campus with big plans for when I ran into Emma. 263 more words



No seriously, I’m fine over here. I am just gonna chill while you betray my love and pet that devil-cat.

"Interception" by Richard F. Yates & Gitzy the Freak-Cat

Below is my tragic first attempt at taking a photo of the drawing, “Cosmic What-What?!” (posted below), with fluffy interference by Gitzy the Freak-Cat (as previously seen on this blog in… 9 more words


"'Central Control Unit: Why Didn't You?' + Gitzy with Fire in Her Eyes" by Richard F. Yates

Gitzy commands you to love this drawing!!!

(Drawing title: “Central Control Unit: Why Didn’t You?” Ink on found cardboard, 2013.)

—Richard F. Yates