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How I Lost a Fight with a Kitten

Lila has adopted a female cat, which we will henceforth refer to as “Hellbeast.”
Last night, she mentioned she needed somebody to help get Hellbeast into her carrier for a morning vet appointment — she already had to cancel one because the cat wouldn’t . 382 more words


The Disturbing History of Halloween

The best day of the year might be the day when sexy cats mingle with sexy pirates who walk arm in arm with gruesome zombies. Though it sounds like a nightmare (a sexy nightmare), it’s Halloween which means all sorts of great traditions like trick or treating, dressing up, and ghost stories! 890 more words


I got your theory of relativity right here...

It was the very start of my junior year.
Nora and I had broken up. A fling with Dru had built up my confidence. I arrived on campus with big plans for when I ran into Emma. 263 more words



No seriously, I’m fine over here. I am just gonna chill while you betray my love and pet that devil-cat.