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Cat's Paw Discrimination

By John V. Berry, www.berrylegal.com

We often hear about “Cat’s Paw” discrimination, but it is little understood by most individuals.  This article hopes to clarify that.  1,385 more words

Not looking for a catspaw, but...

Any hand in a storm.

(Neko no te mo karitai; “Wanting to borrow even a cat’s hand”)


Being so extremely busy that one is willing to accept help from anyone at all. 224 more words


Grandma and her cookies

A nightmare in a rocking chair.

The cat awoke from its long lasting nap,

It stretched in the lap of the old woman.

It wanted to be scratched.  99 more words


People have mixed opinions on 2016: the worst year ever; the most celebrity deaths; the weirdest election to date; the warmest worldwide temperature; etc etc etc. 80 more words

Crazy Cat Lady Mysteries & More


“The grief of losing a pet is acute yet inevitable. This book is dedicated to all those beloved, precious, wonderful kitties (and a dog) who are no longer with us, and to their people who made their world a better place.” —

340 more words