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We are fascinated with the cat, the soothing purr,

The amazing colors mixed or not of the fur.

An animal of amazing grace,

Almost a half of the world has members of their race. 69 more words

Cat's Paw

Native Wild Flower In Western Australia


Star's Confession: "I was addicted to Cat Pawn!"

Well, boys and girls, there’s birds and bees and flowers and trees and sometimes you just feel like ramming your XXXXX fat XXXXX right down some XXXXXX juicy XXXXX and spit that XXXXX right in the XXXXX while you XXXXX the XXXXX out of that XXXXX XXXXX, right? 7 more words

Cats Kill

Cat's Paw Theory: "Boss set me up!"

The Cat’s Paw theory that applies to some discrimination and retaliation cases.  If an employee’s supervisor, who is both biased and untruthful, convinces the employer to take an adverse action (i.e. 215 more words

Se non ti reciti di continuo un mantra, non ce la farai mai. M.H.

Cat's Paw

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Definition: (noun) A person used by another as a dupe or tool. Synonyms: pawn, instrument Usage: He was humiliated to learn that he had been made a cat’s-paw in the businessman’s unscrupulous dealings. Discuss.