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Third dragon

Inspiration: Zooly 2020 day 4 prompt, “Tabby cat”

La nuit de folie

A few nights ago, after I went to bed, I was kept awake by screaming, thumping, clattering up and down the stairs, all sorts. The next morning, when I found Catorzeā€™s toy mouse on a string on the landing with the stick part broken, I had to ask Cat Daddy what the heck had gone on. 215 more words

Domestic Cats: Moggies and Fancy-Cats

Fancy-cats are those carefully groomed felines you see at shows.

The other 80% of the world’s domestic cats — just as beautiful in their own way, but without pedigrees — are sometimes called moggies, a loving nickname derived from “mongrel.” … 1,858 more words


Dogs on a Plane

I really have to say that my favorite clients have been real animals, seriously! I had a company that specialized in flying with pets on private jets. 773 more words

On The Fly