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Tabby cats are a fairly recent phenomonom

Although tabbies today make up approximately 80% off domestic cats, the distinctive pattern is more recent than you might think.

A recent large-scale study on the DNA of cats has revealed that the genetic mutation responsible for the tabby pattern only arose in the middle ages, and didn’t become common until the 18th century. 104 more words

Oliver & Nubia: Cooling mats just for dogs? Us cats disagree!

Hi everyone,

Please find below a reblog from Katzenworld

Hi everyone,
It’s your favourite Tuxedo here today. ; )

Oliver: So you are probably wondering what I am sitting on? 32 more words


Friday #24 (right?)

Happy Friday, friends!  Today I am planning on spending as much time as I can in pajamas.  Right now that means zero time!

This week has been super busy and I’m pretty worn out. 460 more words



This post is my first from the treehouse where I’ve been living for almost two months. I’m not sure what to say, which is often the case with these things, but I felt moved to write and I follow these impulses. 1,021 more words


Koh Samui: Highlights, Tips & Top Pick White House Resort & Spa

First impression of Koh Samui after the airport, not so good. Drove several miles through areas that make Honolulu seem rural…It was so congested with buildings, countless bars and cheap tourist shops that you couldn’t even see through to the beaches. 486 more words


Day 5 - So tired

I googled ‘timer’ because my phone is charging in the other room and I couldn’t be bothered going to get it and there it is right on the page, a timer in Google.  414 more words

Settling in

Poppy, the newest member of the Barratt family, is settling in nicely. She has already claimed the top of the couch as her special spot. She is a lovely little cat and is great with Jake.    12 more words