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Cats Calendar 2016

For all the cat lovers out there. Only 20 dollars, buy it now.


My Welcomed Distraction

I try to do my work

but there you are in my chair.

I surrender to your wills

and welcome your deposit of hair.

I try to clean the room… 66 more words

Nevada smells like

locally brewed Hefeweizen, and a hint of orange

rosemary and sagebrush in the sandy desert wind

kitty fluff

cinnamon apples and wine roasted on an open fire… 15 more words

Litter Box Mews: Cat Crap Issue 19 "Samurai Saturday"(⁎˃ᆺ˂)

Hey….its Samurai Saturday…gosh I love finding these kinds of videos

Soooo funny,Purrrfect technique 10 out of 10

Love Cat Japanese Emoticons, try this website


Miss Melody Weight Loss Plan

Miss Melody has a problem (and also a really cute way of laying). She used to be our smallest cat, and now she is the second largest. 127 more words


How to Save Money in a Pet friendly Garden

Boredom, loneliness and pent-up energy, especially among breeds of working and hunting dogs, are the natural enemies of your garden. With a little planning, however, your pets can happily co-exist with your garden. 536 more words


KittyKitty Box + Giveaway!

Subscribe to this monthly box of kitty inspired goodies and you help Kitty Kitty help actual kitties! Via the Kitty Kitty website –> “EVERY MONTH WE PICK A DIFFERENT 100% VOLUNTEER-RUN, INDEPENDENT, NO-KILL, NON-PROFIT CAT ORGANIZATION AND GIVE THEM A BUNCH OF MONIES.” … 204 more words