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Just a moment in Africa

Just before a storm there’s that heavy aching feeling in the sky and electric air.  It’s as if the god’s have eaten too much and they have swelled up the sky and filled it with their tautness. 311 more words

Kait King Poetry

5 Job Search Lessons Your Cat Can Teach You

I recently gained paid author status on CareerAddict.com! As a cat lover, I felt compelled to write a piece that links my passions for career development and cats. 7 more words


Purrseidon's Boat's Maiden Voyage...

 Purrseidon is not sure what to think of her new boat …. granted, she loves it – we can tell because this is the first time that something has been in the tub and she has not leaped in to chase it out. 103 more words


The Best Worst Shirt Ever

A loved one introduced me to a term he and a friend coined many years ago: The Wrap Around. Essentially, when something is so incredibly, mind-blowingly bad that it becomes utterly fantastic…it “wraps around” (yes, we’ve all heard “so bad it’s good” but I feel The Wrap Around is a tidier, more effective term for the phenomenon). 98 more words


Daily Feline Prompt: Forever Feline

If there were a real Fountain of Youth, would you drink the water?

“No Fluffy, I am sure I no longer want to be that young.” 289 more words