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My Cat, Hezekiah

I forgot to post yesterday (because I traveled back to LA from Santa Barbara for Spring Break), so I thought I’d tell you about one of my cats. 202 more words


Fur Children

I wake up in the morning to the sound of my baby crying because she is hungry. I roll over and try to enjoy a few more seconds of sleep, but she really is ready for breakfast now. 1,363 more words

Sound alarm dogpeople here comes the cats!

We have rescued two cute cats. Not that I don’t like dogs or I favor cats. Before them I wanted a dog, but it’s impossible until I’ve my apartment. 376 more words

Take a break, human

Oh my busy bee human! Don’t you know it’s Sabbath today? You are not allowed to work, at least not if you have a cat that needs attention.

Good Evening Sunshine

Click … hmmm … a surprise picture. ;)

Good evening sunshine

Love spending some early evening time with the jennies.

Especially after such a sunny afternoon as this. 34 more words

Animal Friends

For the cat-lovers

Here’s one for the cat-lovers. A great gift for any cat owner, be it a mug, a card, a canvas or a poster (maybe even a T-shirt?). 14 more words


spring forward

Springing forward tonight – the bonus being that when the cats start pestering for brekkie tomorrow at 7am it will actually be 8am. Sort of…