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My Kids are Bored

Yesterday I got to break up a 4-way cat fight that ranged all over the house– under the table, between the chairs, behind the tv-my god they are going to unplug something!- in to the front window behind the loveseat, down the hall… 461 more words

The Cats...again.

Wot, no cat food?

It’s the weekend, but the only way I can tell is that the building site has quietened down a bit. There still seems to be a fair amount of traffic, and services are continuing as normal, apart from our refuse collection, which is a bit worrying, because a) smell; b) germs, in addition to the obvious, and c) vermin. 471 more words

caturday march 28 2020

Doesn’t even bear thinking about how I’d be getting through this without these three darlings. This pic is from a chilly winter night a couple of years ago when Morcilla, Loki and Luna ALL piled on top me while netflixing (bit warm for that now). 14 more words


On Feast and Famine in the Time of COVID-19

We began online teaching at UAB on Wednesday, my first such teaching in my (gulp) thirty-three year career. And, not just any subject, but clarinet lessons; not an easy subject to convey through the screen of a computer with all of the inherent nuances and intricacies. 698 more words

Brief Encounter

George and I lead a very quiet life. We talk a lot, or rather I do. By nature George is quiet, almost aloof, but I still love him.  273 more words

Bruce Aiken

수제 넥카라

타로의 왼쪽 앞발에 피부병이 생겼다. 넥카라를 해야 했다. 그 상태로 보리에게 그루밍을 하려고 달려드니까, 딱딱한 넥카라로 보리를 공격하는 꼴이 되었다. 보리가 타로에게 하악질을 더 자주하게 되었다. 21 more words