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Cat Grooming Basics

Cats are neat freaks. In fact, if you’re a cat owner, you know firsthand that your cat is a fastidious groomer. After all, it seems to spend most of its life either sleeping or grooming! 653 more words


little laugh # 10

What do you call a pile of kittens?

A meow-tain!

*if you didn’t awe while you laughed at this joke, because it is totes adorbs and witty, then you must be a robot*


Saving the lives of feral cats

Saving the lives of feral cats  

I got interested in feral cats when some friends of mine told me about catching them and turning them over to a vet for medical help and adoption. 418 more words

Water For Animals

Vamos Rafa!..."I am the present"

Raphael Nadal vs. Alexander Zverev! I knew it would be close. As Rafa himself put it in his post match interview…” is the future of this sport. 169 more words


Goals Achieved? Now What?

First, I’m happy to announce that they caught the injured stray cat.  Took a week, but it finally walked into a trap and got taken to the vet.  925 more words


Negative Emotions of Happy Musicals

As of now, most musicals are in fact happy. It is important that they have negative emotions in them. It helps balance things out and help make a story more real and characters more well rounded. 255 more words