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Chunk of Love

Chunk didn’t purr much before he came. Then, the first day we had him here, he developed a quiet, gentle, very sweet little purr. Which he used, basically, only when he was waking up, just prior to losing his furry little mind. 505 more words


Cats and Quotes Part 4

Happy Monday!

Although I own at least two quote books and a book of epigrams, I get a lot of these quotes from brainyquote.com. 14 more words


Buttering The Badger!

“Usual routine for the dogs.” My clients informed me as they were leaving for the airport “Nuts for the wild birds are in the funeral urn on the hall table.”  This made us all smile because the last time I sat at Postman’s Cottage I didn’t dare move the urn assuming that it held the ashes of a deceased relative! 60 more words


Pub Offers Beer and Belly Scratches

The Bag O’ Nails pub in Bristol, England doesn’t open until noon and shutters its doors around 11 pm each night. Most of the regulars to the quaint tavern located in the Hotwells area of the city rotate in and out throughout the day except for 15 dedicated patrons who inhabit the alehouse from open to close. 45 more words



Mommy is cleaning today, throwing out everything that sits around just waiting for us to knock it off the counter into the gaping jaws of the destructive dog. 17 more words


Cats Love Us More Than Food, According To Science

Are cats jerks? While the internet is obsessed with cats, and likely always will be, the little fuzzballs can feel aloof or distant unless they want something out of you (possibly an escape from… 278 more words

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Daily Feline Prompt: Purple Feline

“Mrs. Human, going shopping today?”

“Yes, but you have everything. The cupboard is full of tuna fish tins and we have at least ten kilo of those wonderful vitamin packed pellets to give you shiny eyes and whiskers and no Tabby, I am not going to buy a food bowl with Versace design.” 306 more words