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Wake up- Let’s go for a Walk!

It has been rather cold and rainy this past week in Morro Bay, and Callie isn’t exactly enamored with the weather, but she is game for a walk as soon as I can entice her to go outside. 128 more words


Crafting with Cats

I just spent a few very frantic minutes crawling on the floor trying to clean up a lot of acrylic paw prints from the floor before the colour had a chance to set. 34 more words


Happy St. Paddy's Day - Caturday Edition

In honor of both St. Patrick and St. Gertrude (the patron saint of cats whose day is also today), here is a Caturday edition of St. 10 more words



Floofcoholic (catfinition) – excessive or compulsive love of cats and anything feline.

In use: “He was a floofcoholic, visiting with cats that he met on the streets, sleeping with cats, and asserting their welfare over that of his family and self.”


Living With Cats - Content For Cat Blogs


Living With Cats – Content For Cat Blogs
Hey, cat owners and cat lovers everywhere
Do you own a cat blog or a cat website? 86 more words

Saturday's Theme Music

My cats were singing this to me last night and this morning. Okay, it may have only seemed like they were singing (or humming, or purring) it because everywhere I went, and everything I did, they were watching me. 12 more words

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