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Our World Got Turned Upside Down!!!

We’ve been gone a long time.

We’ve got lots of ‘splainin to do.

First of all, it’s not our fault.

Yep, we get to blame Mom again and this time it really is her fault. 395 more words


And here they are... the last pictures of the day before the last day of my epic adventure... because... you know... I am doing the whole thing backwards...

I had a great time hanging out with my little cousin, Clark, in Santa Cruz. Just so you know, you need to get down on the floor to really have fun with little kids. 120 more words

Stories Of My Life

Not-So-Fat Cat

Elvis has now been on his diet for a little over seven months. He certainly looks much leaner and has more energy, although he still does his best to gobble up… 299 more words


I Can Get It!

Sonu Singh sees a flying something, and wonders…”Can I reach it?”


At long last, a day off!

Well, minus the fact that I was working on the play for a couple hours already this morning (and am now done with revisions on Act 1), I have the whole day off! 617 more words