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June and July on the farm

It’s been pretty busy on the farm. The sheep all came in to be sheared which I’m sure they were very thankful for! Adam & Vivian Care sheared this year, bringing their pens and equipment with them. 559 more words

Godolphin Estate

Early August at McBride Canyon

I’ve not taken a lot of pictures in the last two weeks because I’m trying to learn how to not drown myself in a kayak. I borrowed one from a brother-in-law and enjoyed it so that I bought one for myself. 117 more words


How to train Cattle to eat weeds in 5 days

I know, I had a hard time believing it too when I came across this article. Folks in the Montana Farmers Union received grant money for the project and achieved success doing exactly what the title states. 256 more words


New heifers

We’ve sold several really old cows the past three years and lost a few to the bad winters and their age.  We’re down to about 50 cows and needed to restock to keep enough money for taxes, winter feed and other farm supplies.   92 more words


Working the calves

Just a peek at what’s entailed in keeping our cattle and calves in good health.  I don’t know what we would do without our daughter’s help.   121 more words


Prissy & George Update

They’ve grown so much after such a rough entry into the world!

We questioned whether Prissy would make it at all and then at three week she really came out of her self and then George got sick.   208 more words