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Spring Cattle Move

Today a job that should have been done a month ago was completed.  Weather changes and the fact that Eddie and I have been sick for a week prevented us from pulling a bull from our fall calving herd. 313 more words


'Portrait of a Galloway Bull'

Oil on canvas

The Galloway is one one of the oldest and purest of our native cattle breeds and the world’s longest established breeds of beef cattle, named after the Galloway region of Scotland, where it originated, during the 17th century. 32 more words


'Portrait of a Red Poll Bull'

Oil on canvas 10″ x 16″

This painting of the Red Poll will join other paintings of cattle which I have painted in the past. 36 more words


Spring Calving Season is Here Again

Our first calf was born on March 4th and since then we’ve had six more, two this morning.  I didn’t get to see any of them until Sunday and those four were quite lively.  292 more words


Young and Hip (Replacement)

When I started my blog years ago, I named it “Fit2Farm” with plans of melding my world of farming and my love of fitness which morphed more so into just farming and advocacy. 693 more words


Returns on Your Bull Investment

The old adage of ‘you get what you pay for’ is certainly true when making genetic plans for your herd. Traits selected for calving ease, growth, pounds at weaning and yearling, maternal and carcass traits should all be weighed in and brought to the point of purchase. 593 more words

Red Angus

Through a lens, iPhonely

Pat’s birthday present was a new set of lenses for his iPhone. Here’s some photos he took at Powder Wash trying out the new lenses. Watch this space for future pics. 111 more words