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Country Lesson #3: The heavier object, the further away it'll be

“Every farm needs a rusty old bathtub in the paddock,” said my husband as the rain drizzled down.  “Besides, if you help me move it, you can have the compost bin lid back.” 567 more words

Utilizing my uncle's manure pack until I have my own

Carbon bedding bonds to nutrients and ammonia in animal wastes preventing pollution of the air or ground. When animals overwinter on bedding, they pack their manure down tight removing air pockets leading to anaerobic decomposition which provides free heat contributing to the animals’ health and comfort. 268 more words


Country Lesson #2: Oops!l

If you read any article, book or website about feeding cows, you’ll read that it’s very important to use a feed trough that’s sturdy enough to prevent the cows knocking it over.  372 more words

Hobby Farm


During our work this morning with Miracle we found out that Annabelle has pinkeye!!  This will be our first issue this year and pray it’ll be our last.   45 more words


Orphan 3 - Miracle

This little jewel is my 3rd orphan this year.  She is the second born twin and she might weigh in at 25 pounds!!

She is just so precious and had a really rough and amazing beginning into our world.   704 more words


Remember Annabelle

If you’ve been following my blog for very long you may remember a post of another orphan I had in April of 2013 and her name was Annabelle. 237 more words


Not Dead

This post proves I’m not dead. I had been spending a lot of time getting ready for the rodeo. Then I got sick and missed the rodeo. 171 more words