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Trichomoniasis Found in Yellowstone County Bull Herd

Bridger Vet received this notice from Tahnee Szymanski at the Montana Department of Livestock (MDOL).

Earlier this week, we received notice that 2 out of 5 bulls tested from a Yellowstone County herd were positive for trichomoniasis. 258 more words


How Will Agriculture Be Affected by Review on Antibiotic Use?

Reducing the unnecessary use of antibiotics in agriculture globally is one of the main conclusions in the O’Neill Review on Antimicrobial Resistance published last week. 1,427 more words

Is Russia Nearing Self-sufficiency in Meat?

How far has Russia come down the road to self-sufficiency in the meat sector?

The government has declared the aim of not relying on meat imports to sustain the market and the latest figures show that the country is moving more and more rapidly to relying on domestic supplies. 756 more words

More Waders and Shorebirds

A few more photos of shorebirds and waders from around the panhandle

I have a lot of trouble telling these apart from the Greater Yellowlegs, but I believe this bird is a Lesser Yellowlegs. 28 more words


The Earl's Conundrum.

Today Earl’s Restaurants announced that they are only serving what they call Certified Humane Beef through their Conscious Sourcing Program. Earl’s claim is: At Earls, we’re committed to conscious sourcing. 683 more words


Snow on the ground

It was a surprise to wake this morning to find snow on the ground. There wasn’t much and it won’t last long but it is still not quite what we were expecting. 118 more words

The annual cycle starts again ...

Each spring seems to arrive faster than the last, and already we are back into the annual lambing and calving cycle. And of course the weather remains gloriously unpredictable. 290 more words