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The Earl's Conundrum.

Today Earl’s Restaurants announced that they are only serving what they call Certified Humane Beef through their Conscious Sourcing Program. Earl’s claim is: At Earls, we’re committed to conscious sourcing. 683 more words


Snow on the ground

It was a surprise to wake this morning to find snow on the ground. There wasn’t much and it won’t last long but it is still not quite what we were expecting. 118 more words

The annual cycle starts again ...

Each spring seems to arrive faster than the last, and already we are back into the annual lambing and calving cycle. And of course the weather remains gloriously unpredictable. 290 more words

Good Grass Quality Silage Basis to Dairy Profits

Grass, combining good forage with quality grass-based silage is the most cost-effective way to feed dairy cows.

While grazed systems for dairy cattle have the potential for the best returns, not all farms are suitable for this system. 1,166 more words

Dairy Sector Influencing European Beef Market Developments

The fortunes of the European beef sector this year rely heavily on the developments within the European and global dairy sectors.

According to the French market analysts… 819 more words

Duty of care.

This week we were blessed with yet another drop off cat. Meet Jerry. He’s super sweet, neutered and most definitely was someone’s house pet not too long ago. 370 more words


Uncalled for Work

Last week we had a visitor during the night that tore down some fence along the main road and left the scene.  The field where the fencing was damaged held 30+ weanling calves and Miracle.   402 more words