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Take a Stick of Butter??

This phrase is often heard on the Food Network.  Interesting discussion about butter, in this case grass-fed.  Some studies back it up, but moderation still may be warranted and a word of caution in my opinion is wise.   47 more words


Pasture-raised vs. Grass-fed

To many of us Pasture-raised and Grass-fed might sound as almost synonyms, but there’s actually a big difference between them. In this article we found great educational material on what each raising-method really involves, and the impact on the meat we eat.

Grass-fed Steak

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Drought Reshaping Cattle Feeding and Inventories

Extensive and prolonged drought throughout much of the country is spurring a change in the feeding and inventory map for U.S. cattle herds. For the first time, Nebraska surpassed Texas in the number of cattle on feed and the trend continues as the finishing sector of the business continues moving closer to the feed source. 408 more words

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