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The Price that Producers Should Be Focusing On When Selling Their Calves

Striving to get the highest price for your calves is always a great goal to have. Ranchers take pride in their cattle so obviously they want a high price come sale day.  584 more words


Chelated vs. Inorganic Minerals

Most feedstuffs provide a certain amount of minerals, however the amount in feedstuffs is not quite enough to meet the mineral requirements for cattle. It is important to supplement cattle year-round with mineral to reach these requirements. 482 more words


Average Market Prices for Feeder Calves in Colorado, Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming

For western producers, it’s that time of year again –selling another calf crop that they have worked tirelessly over. Prices are definitely not as stellar as in 2014, but as I like to say, “As a rancher you have to roll with the punches”. 490 more words

Cattle Industry

Piling Facts on Consumers is Not Helping the Cattle Industry's Cause

Too often I scroll through my social media feed to find a post protesting the cattle industry; “cattle are being raised at factory farms”, “cattle are destroying the environment”, “don’t eat beef because it is unhealthy”. 502 more words


Refos worth more than the cattle industry!

What we have got here is a bunch of jerks running the country. The Government gives a boatload of deadbeat refos 70 million for spending some time on Manus Island nose pickin and 20 million to their equally underserving lawyer Slater & Gordon for no good reason. 62 more words

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