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Neg.Occ. to host cattle congress

NEGROS OCCIDENTAL, Feb. 5 (PIA6) – This province will host the Federation of Cattle Raisers Associations of the Philippines National Cattle Congress this year set on February 5 to 7 at the Bacolod Pavilion Hotel. 173 more words

Recent Sale

At a recent auction at a local sale barn that I have been taking my cattle to for many years now I took a cull bull calf. 168 more words


Fast-Food VP Challenges Cattle Industry

Exactly what does it to mean to be a sustainable cattle ranch? As an industry that is as old as civilization, aren’t we already there? The next two years will attempt to bring answers to those questions due to an initiative from the beef industry’s single biggest customer: McDonald’s. 9 more words


Oscar Wilde on Animal Rights

I need to get something off my chest.

So, I just got back from spending an afternoon with my parents and, of course, the topic of me not eating animals came up. 317 more words

Researchers Develop Better Methods To Detect E. coli

Kansas State University diagnosticians are helping the cattle industry save millions of dollars each year by developing earlier and accurate detection of E. coli.

Lance Noll, master’s student in veterinary biomedical science, Greensburg; T.G. 14 more words


Cliven Bundy Ended My Forbes Gig

So, the word is out.

On Friday, April 25, 2014, at 10:39 PM, after a great run publishing 23 articles and three photo galleries on horse slaughter, horse racing and wild horses on Forbes.com, the powers that be cut me loose. 788 more words

From My Blog On Forbes.com

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Vickery Eckhoff was unjustly fired for posting an article about the Cliven Bundy/Wild Horses Dispute. This is absolutely unbelievable! She has done nothing more than post the facts about this issue and apparently some people do not want her voice to be heard. She is an amazing writer who has a been a champion of wild horses and was set to speak at the American Equine Summit when she was let go. The cattle industry has time and time again tried to shut down wild horse advocates and the voice of the American people who support wild horses on public lands. Don't let them silence us. The horses are the one who will suffer for it. Please follow the link and let Forbes know that Vickery Eckhoff should not have been fired. Wild Horses need us. We are their voice!

Family Blessings Leading Up To Sale Day

As we have prepared for our annual production sale, we can’t miss the opportunity to update folks on issues our family has faced over the last couple of months. 509 more words