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Discussing Polled, Horned, and Scurred

For most considering cattle for purchase, an important factor to take into consideration is whether the animals will be polled (without horns, naturally), horned, or scurred (marked by detached, horny tissue). 613 more words


Silly Cow!

Somewhere in Ireland’s heartland, a herd of cows, much like any other herd of cows, were peacefully grazing in a lush green field. After a time, the cow nearest the gate which gave onto a typical narrow country lane with moss and other vegetation growing in a jungle-like stripe up the middle, raised her head, nostrils flaring in alarm. 556 more words



Whitespots is a large townland in County Down.  It has a completely English name, which cannot have been the original one.  According to the PLACENAMESNI website… 487 more words


They Are Complaining

the cattle are approaching
with wide eyes and starvation
for lips

they are

bricks for a tongue
against sides of an undetected platter
waiting, hidden… 115 more words

New software helps Hodgeman County keep livestock off roads

JETMORE, Kansas – They may look like just cattle to you, but to a rancher, they’re an investment.

In fact, each is worth about $15,000 when fully grown. 362 more words


TSB in Action #5

The rare three man chicken feeding

Hammock chillen’

Natures candy and regular candy

Fat of the Land

13 quail egg omelet

Its not chicken…

Some happy quail at Little Wing farm in Petaluma… 9 more words

Caypay Valley