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Whoa Podcast Interview

I got a chance to visit with John Harrer from the Whoa Podcast this week. He’s an interesting guy that takes the long view on writing, horse training, and life in general. 33 more words

Comings And Goings

Just another day on the farm.

Well, life on the farm isn’t as glamorous as some think.

Yesterday…point in case:
First of all, our truck has been broke down for about a month. 530 more words


Little Brown Cows

The countryside seemed to be populated by little brown cows. Everywhere one went. Ubiquitous. Always stopping traffic. The only place I didn’t see the bovines was within Tbilisi, the national capital. 138 more words

Farm Life

My Bonnie Wee Lass!

My birthday is coming up. I’m spending it with my daughter and son in law on their Montana cattle ranch. Their Jersey milk cow, Dolly, gave birth to twins yesterday, a heifer and a bull calf. 354 more words

First calf

Our family milk cow picked a perfect day to calve. Little angus cross bull calf, we were hoping for a heifer. Good timing because I can save cholostrom in case we need it for our main herd that will start calving in about a week.



Hello All!

March has arrived, and we have different featured items on our website! Go check them out and see what kind of discount you can receive this month! 22 more words


First hollow stem update 03/02/15

First hollow stem is the optimal time to remove cattle from wheat pasture (full explanation). To monitor first hollow stem, we measure hollow stem for the 56 lines in our September-sown wheat forage plots at Stillwater each year. 219 more words