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Square Rooves #24

More Australian rural rooves. This is my smallest roof photo. It’s over a cattle feeder out in the paddock. The cows all moved off from the feeder by the time I was ready to get the photo. 11 more words


Saturday Forecast

Rain always follows the cattle
sniffing the air and huddling
in fields with their heads to the lee.
You will know that the weather is changing… 59 more words


Introducing English and Swahili instructional videos on the patterns, signs, symptoms and control of Rift Valley fever

Written by Bernard Bett

Several outbreaks of Rift Valley fever in livestock and people have occurred in eastern Africa over the last three months or so. 449 more words

Animal Diseases

An Old Vaquero

Martin (pronounced Mar-TEEN) Carrillo limped from the fire to the squeeze chute with a branding iron in his gloved hand. By the time he pressed the iron against the steer’s hip, it was cool. 671 more words


Vo-COW-bulary: Beef Breeds Edition

Cattle are great. They’re big, cute, and make us delicious beef, milk, leather, and all kinds of other byproducts. But did you know there are different kinds of cattle? 981 more words


New calves

On my frequent trips to the coast near Upolu, I pass one of the two dairy farms on the island. As I go by I tend to look out for new calves, which I see quite often. 95 more words

June 2018