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Now You See Them, Now You Don't (But They Might Still Be There!)

Grazing, especially by goats and/or sheep, is often promoted as a control method for weeds or shrubs.  Depending upon the life strategy of the weeds being targeted, grazing can be effective, but it’s important to set realistic objectives.  975 more words

Prairie Natural History

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Quiet and Respect

No one was able to sleep when all the bulls in the bull pen started bellowing. It was 5:30 in the morning and still very dark with no moon or stars showing. 208 more words


Texas & the Chisholm Trail

181 years of Texas ~ Did you know…? The Chisholm Trail is named after a trader…not a cattleman?  Jesse Chisholm, a half-Cherokee trader from Tennessee, originally created the trail as a means to transport his goods from one trading post to another. 59 more words


Oregon Seeks To Regulate ‘Dangerous, Preventable’ Cow Farts

The great Oregon cow farts and dairy farming debate all just goes to show how government regulation can be silent, but deadly.

Source: Oregon Seeks To Regulate ‘Dangerous, Preventable’ Cow Farts

Branding Branding

When I posted photos to Instagram of our branding I used #branding, which of course can mean either branding of livestock or branding of businesses. Many of the likes the photos got were from people in the business of branding business. 88 more words


Texas Cattle Ranch Turns Vegan!

#TexasVeganTour Day 1 = Meet the Cows!
#JaneUnChained tours Rowdy Girl Sanctuary in Angleton, Texas. We feed these happy cows their supper, as Renee King-Sonnen tells us the story of how she went from a cattle rancher’s wife to a vegan animal activist, turning her husband’s cattle ranch into a farm animal sanctuary!  Help RowdyGirlSanctuary.org