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Front Room Gallery

Instead of storing canvases in a closet or a box, I decided to hang them up in the front bedroom of our house. Everything hanging is for sale. 16 more words

J Wade Photography

We Came, We Hiked, We Rodeoed

Happy Fourth and end of the summer to everyone! I hope the heat back east isn’t quite as bad at it is out here. High’s of 95 seem to be common in these later months, but without the humidity it is a little bit more bearable. 694 more words


Flowers power positive thought

Let’s be positive. Sometimes difficult but I’m happy when I can look at a job that I’m struggling with in 30 degrees during July, and that I had thought I’d sort out in May, in a positive light. 206 more words

Around The Farm

Govt's move to prevent cattle trafficking starves Bangladesh of beef

Some 30,000 Indian soldiers guarding the border with Bangladesh have a new mandate under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government this year – stop cattle from crossing illegally into the neighbouring country. 24 more words

51:16:02:07:15:21 - crossing *

* i have never understood why we take it upon ourselves to stipulate which animals and plants are “pests” and which ones are not. it seems the general method is to determine their usability to us. 93 more words


Date Night With ScubaSteve

Every once in a while ScubaSteve and I find ourselves alone on the homestead. During these times he usually invites me to dinner with him. Most ladies would die at the thought of having to sit through an awkward dinner alone with their father-in-law, but luckily Scuba and I have 2 favorite conversation topics that are foolproof and entertaining: cows and making fun of MyFarmer. 575 more words


Cow Safety

When the manic teaching and marking periods hit my posting schedule falls apart, and even when it goes quiet, because I haven’t built up a backlog of posts, there’s less on the blog. 402 more words

Knowledge Transfer