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Innovative Arts Academy Informs Parents School Will Close

I hate to say it, but I will anyway: I TOLD YOU SO. Innovative Arts Academy is nothing but a scam, offering no quality education for students, and just serving as a money trough for those who invested in it……like Honest Abe. 128 more words

More Innovative Arts Woes

Hi everyone. I’m away until tomorrow but imagine my lack of surprise when I heard that Innovative Arts Academy is dealing with more issues. This one has to do with the lack of effort the school is putting towards special needs students…also known as retards. 92 more words

Adrienne and Naturi hash out old beef

Naturi Naughton made an appearance on The Real and Adrienne Houghton apologized to her for their 3LW hostile past relationship. Being that the girls are from NJ it was definitely news worthy back then when the drama occurred during which Naturi claimed that she was constantly bullied to the point where she left the group because she felt they were hostile because she was the darker skinned member. 179 more words

The Cat's Meow

Currently in this day and age as a female you will run into the issue of the assumption of being catty towards any other female, as a result the media loves to create reality shows where women have cat fights, arguments, and all around drama. 292 more words

Tahukah Mengapa Kucing Selalu Melihat Bila Dipanggil "Pus"

Mungkin ada beberapa dari anda sekalian terheran-heran bukan dengan pernyataan ini. Kenapa sich rata rata orang memanggil kucing dengan panggilan “Pus”?

Kebanyakan orang akan memanggil kucing dengan panggilan ‘pus’ karena kata ‘pus’ singkat, padat, dan jelas. 196 more words


DT 28325 - 28329

DT 28325

Collected tales, edited, about English PM (9) = DECAMERON

edited = ED, about = reversal, English PM = CAMERON

‘The Decameron’ Giovanni Boccaccio (1313–1375) 97 more words

DT Cryptic