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Is This Normal?

So I’m meeting a friend in the new bakery. After all, you have to have something clever to say about any new enterprise in a 8,000-person town. 191 more words

Americal Culture

Our four-month-old Baby Raptors

I’ve been so preoccupied with Botchok, her illness and her passing, that I completely overlooked my monthly update on the foundlings! So here it is, three weeks late. 754 more words


Goodbye, Botchok.

Fifteen years together, and finally my little cat has left me. Botchok passed away on Wednesday, November 18, at 8:30 AM.

On Tuesday she was still fine. 624 more words


Things that make me happy

My cat has been eating on her own this whole week!

Even better, she’s eating a lot!¬†She eats three teaspoons every meal now. She’s still thin, but the fact that she has the energy to eat on her own makes me so happy. 62 more words


Botchok's respiratory infection

It was on October 30 when I noticed that Botchok had trouble breathing. I gave her food, and she didn’t eat. Her breathing was noisier than usual. 640 more words