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Guest Post: Being Done by Rachel Mastics

Done. Finished. El Fin. A faire. Finally being done with high school is so bittersweet. I’m so excited to move on and make new memories, but I am also quite sad that I’ll never see some of these people again. 838 more words


Guest Post: High School by Rachel Mastics

Think back on the movie, Accepted, with Justin Long and Blake Lively for a second. Justin is standing in the middle of a college hallway and everything and everyone is just speeding past him, going to class and mindlessly walking around. 1,407 more words


There is a Cat in the Office

When the Bully Comes to the Office

I decided to write about this topic because a very close relative of mine is going through some incidents at work. 681 more words



Catty Noir is a 2013 introduced character. She is a 16 year old werecat. Her predominant features are her black skin/fur and long pink hair. 257 more words



Whilst walking in ASDA, I overheard a couple of the male staff members having a conversation:

Guy 1 – “Why don’t we ask Tracy to do it?” 16 more words



Belittling and biting in your

Insecurity, inane jealously paws.

Tenaciously in spiteful caterwauling,

Cutting catty you claw.

Hope it makes you feel better meow.

.©Jacqui Slade


laugh out loud,

This morning, my boyfriend explained to me that this chick I used to work with pulled him aside and asked him if he was dating me. 66 more words