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Achievement unlocked: teaching kittens to poop

Whatever goes in has to come out.

When you take in kittens, you have to teach them not only how to feed from the bottle or how to eat soft food, but also how to poop and pee! 369 more words


Kitten update, one month later

It’s been nearly a month since we took in Samwise Blackheart, Imperator Furriosa and Blondie.

We’ve been feeding them more milk, because they’re growing so fast. 579 more words


Kittens, meet the bottle.

So, it was Saturday, August 1, when we first discovered the kittens. We left them on the balcony, hoping their mommy would come back. That didn’t happen. 743 more words


Our Barden Bellas

I’ve taken to calling the kittens “Barden Bellas,” because they are so tiny, hee hee.

They have always had distinct personalities, from the moment we first saw them. 635 more words



We’ve had cats and kittens for years. We’ve raised them from kittenhood, seen them to adulthood, brought them to the vet, nursed them back to health, buried a few. 572 more words


I'm not a crazy cat lady.

I go crazy over anything cat-related, it’s true. And I’ve picked up my fair share of kittens off the streets. But I only have five cats! 496 more words


The Complisult: What They Say Versus What They Mean

“You look much nicer than usual!”

You’re wearing a brand new outfit and a smiling girl comes up to you and says “Wow! You look nicer than usual today!” You smile at first but then slowly realize what has happened: you’ve been hit with a complisult. 435 more words