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Nurses and Cattiness

Facing the complaining and catty epidemic in nurses

The¬†vine/internet sensation song “why you always lyin” can easily be replaced with “why you always whining” in the medical field. 821 more words


You might remember the blog posting from last week¬†about our friend Audrey’s cats playing late-night Mah Jongg. Well, it appears that Audrey isn’t the only one with MJ-loving kitties. 65 more words

Mah Jongg

Playing the Victim?

I have a really hard time figuring out what the “right” way of handling my rape now. The girl I wrote a pretty crappy (haha-but really.) poem about in my last post once told me, after I shared a piece of my story with her, telling her that I was having a hard time holding it together, that there were a lot of triggers where we were working, “Has anyone ever told you you play the victim a lot?” That shook me to my core. 708 more words

Migration Patterns of Baby Raptors: Time and space

Hissing. Growling. Swiping.

We knew there would be plenty of that, but we also knew that things would eventually quiet down. And so they did. 424 more words


Migration Patterns of Baby Raptors: Stress and distress

Naturally the kittens got stressed when the big cats came in. We expected this, and we planned to visit the cattery regularly to calm everyone down. 539 more words


Migration Patterns of Baby Raptors: Time to move

We figured it would be better if we moved the whole raptor pen into the cattery. It would be a familiar space in the stressful new environment. 252 more words


Migration Patterns of Baby Raptors: Preps

We always knew the day would come. The kittens would have to leave our room and move into the cattery with the big cats.

As early as November, they were getting too big for their cage. 280 more words