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Clean: A Letter to the Girl Who Was Better Than Me

I was eighteen and I was in love. You know the kind. First love, world stops when you’re with them kind of love. In love with a boy I will tell my kids about one day, especially if I have a daughter. 2,479 more words


Why are kittens so cute? Whyyyyyyyyy!

Sometimes, I spend the night at my best friend’s house. Usually it’s because we have work plans or social activities that will end late, but sometimes it’s just so we can hang out without worrying about how I’m going to get home. 566 more words


Shots fired in the cake world!

In the caking world recently there were “shots fired”  An editorial was written by an online gazette.  I will not name the website or the author of this piece as quite honestly I am ashamed another Australian would be so catty and I do not feel that they need anymore traffic to their website. 486 more words


Crazy Baby Raptors love the mosquito patch

It’s really funny, the things that give our kittens the crazies.

I’ve written about the lotion, and the mouthwash, and Oneal’s sweat. Each time I’ve bought new lotion, I’ve tried going into the cattery after using it, to see how the kittens react. 243 more words