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The Struggle is Real

I struggle more than I let on.

“But Jenna, you always seem so positive, optimistic, and strong! It almost makes me sick!” You’re right, I do seem to be those things. 238 more words


Internet Rule #14

Do not argue with a troll — it means that they win (Although what was said about Kelly Bauer is, to my knowledge, true)

Mission Accomplished: Protest Successful

We came. We saw. We protested. Innovative Arts tried to make like we weren’t there. Even going as far as to call people on Facebook liars when they innocently asked about the protests. 107 more words

Tonight Is Protest Night At Innovative Arts Academy

Logistics for tonight are as follows: Protesters will meet at Catasauqua park at 6:30 PM. From there we will walk as a group to the Innovative Arts Academy building. 289 more words

Clean: A Letter to the Girl Who Was Better Than Me

I was eighteen and I was in love. You know the kind. First love, world stops when you’re with them kind of love. In love with a boy I will tell my kids about one day, especially if I have a daughter. 2,479 more words