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The Complisult: What They Say Versus What They Mean

“You look much nicer than usual!”

You’re wearing a brand new outfit and a smiling girl comes up to you and says “Wow! You look nicer than usual today!” You smile at first but then slowly realize what has happened: you’ve been hit with a complisult. 435 more words

Carly Fiorina Actually Said This

“ saw Barbara Boxer briefly on television this morning, and said what everyone says: God what is up with that hair? So yesterday.”



Why You Should Never Watch Weird Videos on Youtube

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– How to Braid Your Own Hair Behind Your Head- Basics! 27 more words

Cupcake Confessions

Church Snobs

You know what’s awkward? Getting deleted by a leader’s wife from facebook.

I start to wonder “Was it something I said?” Did I post something too inappropriate? 198 more words


Guest Post: Being Done by Rachel Mastics

Done. Finished. El Fin. A faire. Finally being done with high school is so bittersweet. I’m so excited to move on and make new memories, but I am also quite sad that I’ll never see some of these people again. 838 more words

Guest Post

Guest Post: High School by Rachel Mastics

Think back on the movie, Accepted, with Justin Long and Blake Lively for a second. Justin is standing in the middle of a college hallway and everything and everyone is just speeding past him, going to class and mindlessly walking around. 1,407 more words

Guest Post