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Crazy Baby Raptors love the new mouthwash

I’ve written about our hyperactive kittens and the strange things that trigger their crazies.

One of the very first triggers we observed was Oneal’s sweat… 331 more words


Crazy Baby Raptors love Oneal

Does catnip work on your cats? Our cats–at least, those descended from Botchok–completely ignore the stuff. Oneal says he read somewhere that only 50% of cats respond to catnip. 177 more words


Crazy Baby Raptors

Kittens have the weirdest triggers.

Last night, I was tired and sleepy when we got home, so I took a shower. Oneal was busy feeding the cats and cleaning the litter box. 324 more words


Beautiful morning

It’s so beautiful outside

I hate it!!!


If I rote a play!

Man: can I pet your cat

Cat/grumpy/tartar sauce/famous cat:NOOOOO!!!!!