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Films I've Walked Out On

No, Just No

These are films that I’ve either walked out on or I hated so much I wished I had walked out on.

Speed 2: Cruise Control… 321 more words

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DVD direct movie review: DC Showcase Catwoman

A favorite of batman fans, Catwoman in this short movie is trying to find out why Rough Cut sent his men to kill a cute cat with a gold and gemstone collar. 23 more words

Gotham S3 Ep 18: "Light The Wick" - A Recap!

The Court Of Owls has been teasing Gothamites for weeks about the purge of Gotham, and this week, their plans finally get revealed. The episode opens with Jarvis Tetch himself, watching from his cell as Former Captain Barnes gets transferred from Arkham Asylum. 1,766 more words


Batman: Year One (Review)

Now I thought as my first post I’d write about the very first DC comic I purchased a few weeks ago. I’ve got to say as a great Batman fan I knew my first comic had to be a Batman book, though the Birds of Prey volume was a close second. 398 more words


Why is being bad so sexy?

As someone who has always preferred villains (my alter-ego is a Bond villain) to heroes on screen, why do I take offense when people are meanĀ in real life? 327 more words

Older and Just as Ordinary

One thing I have surely felt (in the last six years of not blogging) is increasingly invisible as I get older. In spite of being all of 30 and working out religiously, my hair is thinner, my biceps and pecs not quite there anymore. 349 more words