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Double Page Spread ep 83 Will Pfeifer

Writer Will Pfeifer has had a prolific and intriguing run at DC comics working on such titles as Catwoman, Aquaman, Teen Titans, and Amazons Attack. In this episode he tells funny stories about Jerry Lewis, discusses the Teen Titans cover controversy, lists top NY related movies, and shares what made his Catwoman run stand out after Ed Brubaker. 73 more words


Basic Halloween Costume

There’s a scene in Mean Girls when Grethen asks ‘What are you supposed to be?’ Karen responds ‘I’m a mouse, duh.” Which is not know until you see the mouse ears on her head. 242 more words

"Yesterday's" Comic> Catwoman #14

This is a Zero Hour tie-in I missed while reviewing the “main event”, so let’s finish this crossover.

Catwoman #14

DC Comics (September, 1994)

“Broken Mirrors” 343 more words

Yesterday's Comics

Batman: Year One

Batman’s origin is retold again in this adaptation of Frank Miller’s graphic novel by the same name, released in 2011 and starring Ben McKenzie (Jim Gordon in… 478 more words

Movie Reviews

Aug 92 - Batman Returns

Was a very Dark Knight the reason Michael Keaton never returned to the Batman role after Batman Returns? With £750 million in merchandising far outstripping the £450 million box office take of Tim Burton’s first ‘Batman’ movie the darker sequel proved problematic for the marketing department of Warner Bros when it came to deals with MacDonalds, Toy companies and Coca Cola. 121 more words

Film News

Super Girl, No Game No Life


No Game No Life, Phantasy Star Online 2, Catwoman!

Based on the popular TV series Supergirl! ARTFX+ Supergirl stands at 1/10 scale and has magnets under her feet for stability when displayed on the included metal display base. 236 more words


Gotham Season 4

Gotham: A Preview of Season 4

 written by Brian Flinchbaugh

Season 4 of Gotham will be premiering on Fox on September 21 with the subtitle “Dawn of Night”. 508 more words