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Charming Sheki, Azerbaijan

Photo Blog: Enjoying beautiful Sheki, Azerbaijan in late fall

This village in northern Azerbaijan, known in part for its silk industry, reminded me of Gatlinburg, Tennessee minus the scurrying chaos of a tourist invasion. 200 more words


Surely this isn’t a new (or a bad) idea

Our political-party way of legislating what’s good for the general populace is outdated.

If and when you accept that premise, it logically follows that the way Congress does business these days also is outdated. 293 more words

New Zealand party leaders meet with caucuses to start negotiation talks

WELLINGTON (Reuters) – New Zealand’s major party leaders met with their caucuses on Tuesday, preparing to kick off talks on forming the next government with a nationalist party that holds the balance of power after an inconclusive weekend election.

Caucuses are terrible.

Of all the weird things I would have predicted for 2017, “caucuses are awesome and we should switch to them!” as a national movement would  787 more words

Election 2017: Caucusing & City Races

So there’s a declared candidate for the St. Paul School Board who’s (a) a TERF (trans-exclusive radical feminist), (b) apparently also an anti-vaxxer, (c) this is apparently just the tip of the iceberg of her overall awfulness, according to people who know her from Facebook neighborhood groups and so on. 1,158 more words

Azerbaijan affected by the Discontinuation of the USSR.

By Samira

On December 26th, 1991, the USSR, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, fell. Fifteen countries were part of this one big area. Currently, Russia, Central Asia, The Caucasus, the EU Borderlines, and The Baltic republics are the regions that was part of the previous USSR. 1,127 more words

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