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'Reverse-Rigging' Of Washington Primaries?

Is it possible for a primary to be rigged in favor of the underdog?

On Tuesday, May 24th, Washington state Democrats had a presidential primary, which is a bit odd, because they already had a caucus (most states have one or the other.) 227 more words

Kill the caucuses

I was chatting with a Bernie Sanders supporter recently, and (of course) the subject of superdelegates came up. He, of course, sees them as anti-democratic, a tool for the party hierarchy to exert a measure of control. 612 more words

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Donald Trump, what's up?

I must say over the years (1988 thru 2012) when The Donald expressed his intent or desire to run for president of the US, I was skeptical. 536 more words

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"The Supers Are Now Supposed To Anoint Sanders": Bernie Sanders Legitimizes Those Damned Superdelegates

Considering how loudly the Sanders campaign has complained about the nominating role of superdelegates – a group of 712 Democratic party and elected officials appointed rather than elected to the convention — Bernie’s current plea for them to deliver victory to him instead of Hillary Clinton carries a strong whiff of…expediency. 352 more words

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"Closed Primaries Did Not Stop Bernie Sanders": Peddling Misleading Explanations To Supporters As To Why He Fell Short

Bernie Sanders is so convinced that his campaign was fatefully hamstrung by “closed” primaries in which independent voters could not participate that he is including the… 712 more words

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"Giant Gap In Voter Participation": If You Want A More Democratic Nominating Process, Take A Look At Caucuses First

There are, among the 50 states (the territories are another matter), 20 nominating contests left in this presidential cycle between the two parties.  Nineteen of them are primaries, which means (with the exception of North Dakota Democrats) we can close the book on this year’s caucuses. 687 more words