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Neighborhood Meetings and Caucus Meetings

Provo recently reminded residents through its YouTube channel about its “neighborhood chair” program.  This program involves residents in each of Provo’s 34 neighborhoods regularly electing one of themselves to serve as a “chair,” who will then host periodic neighborhood meetings in which residents may discuss their various concerns and/or suggestions, while providing a regular line of communication about such issues between neighborhood residents and city councilors. 686 more words


Voter registration party changes from the caucuses

The numbers below represent the changes in voters’ party preferences as a result of the political party caucuses held on Monday, February 5th. These changes reflect those that voted with their feet and attended the caucuses on a snowy night versus those who opted to stay home. 50 more words


On this day

On this day in 1666, a detachment of 500 French regimental soldiers, Indian allies and 200 volunteers began for Mohawk territory, the volunteers may have had the snowshoes necessary for the winter excursion, but the soldiers, unfamiliar with winter warfare in North America, likely did not, while the expedition route is not clear, the excursion likely passed near Saratoga following Lake Champlain to Wood Creek, and across the Hudson River, the detachment arrived three weeks later near Schenectady in search of the Mohawk villages, the French attacked a small European settlement (likely mistaking it for a Mohawk village) and killed three Dutch women and a Metis boy and took prisoners, nearby Mohawk warriors who were visiting Schenectady attacked the retreating French column, in all, four Mohawk, ten French officers, five soldiers and one volunteer were left dead, and six Mohawk, three French officers, and one volunteer were wounded; in 1777, Major General Philip Schuyler wrote to George Washington, “ 213 more words

On This Day

On this day

On this day in 1866, Samuel Marshal an Elder in the Dutch Reformed Church died at Schuylerville; in 1903, the scaffolding was removed from Saratoga Monument; in 1944, the USS Saratoga with light carriers, USS Langley and USS started a 3 day attack on Taroa Island and Wotje Island which are part of the Marshall Islands, near the equator in the Pacific Ocean; in 2001, the republican caucus in the Village of Victory endorsed George Sullivan and Agatha White for Mayor and Trustee and in the Village of Schuylerville Republican endorses John Sherman for Mayor and Daniel Blake for Trustee; and in 2016, State Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia made the announcement that Schuylerville Elementary School has received the sole New York State award to the U.S. 67 more words

On This Day

Charming Sheki, Azerbaijan

Photo Blog: Enjoying beautiful Sheki, Azerbaijan in late fall

This village in northern Azerbaijan, known in part for its silk industry, reminded me of Gatlinburg, Tennessee minus the scurrying chaos of a tourist invasion. 200 more words


Surely this isn’t a new (or a bad) idea

Our political-party way of legislating what’s good for the general populace is outdated.

If and when you accept that premise, it logically follows that the way Congress does business these days also is outdated. 293 more words

New Zealand party leaders meet with caucuses to start negotiation talks

WELLINGTON (Reuters) – New Zealand’s major party leaders met with their caucuses on Tuesday, preparing to kick off talks on forming the next government with a nationalist party that holds the balance of power after an inconclusive weekend election.