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There’s a Reason People Think the Democratic Primary Was Unfair and Undemocratic: It Was

Journalists have been cautioning Bernie Sanders against “suggesting the entire political process is unfair,” insisting that doing so could have “negative and destabilizing consequences.”  They… 1,560 more words

2016 Presidential Election

Open the Caucuses to Online Voters

In this diary, I wish to argue about how historic this election cycle’s caucuses were in regards to technology and voter outreach. I’ve never been to a caucus (I’ve lived most of my life in Georgia, a primary state), but they look pretty cool for the competitive, in-your-face nature of haggling with your neighbor for your candidate of choice. 647 more words

'Reverse-Rigging' Of Washington Primaries?

Is it possible for a primary to be rigged in favor of the underdog?

On Tuesday, May 24th, Washington state Democrats had a presidential primary, which is a bit odd, because they already had a caucus (most states have one or the other.) 227 more words