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Caught in the act....

My brother just caught people from the old dance studio in the act of trying to vandalize our vehicle. The police are on the way and the security cameras should prove who they are….One tough mama… 54 more words

New Single : Love Is Everywhere 2016 - Caught In The Act

While Take That reached the Boyband top again,”Love Is Everywhere” for the other fantastic nineties boyband Caught Of The Act.

Lee Collin Baxter, Bastiaan Ragas en Eloy De Jong are almost ready to present their Comeback Single “Love Is Everywhere 2016” at the Silvesterparty in Berlin at the Brandenburger Tor, until then enjoy the Original one. 55 more words


Christmas Scrooge Busted! We Know This Video of a Package Thief Caught in the Act is Legit Because Its Kind of Boring!

One brave neighbor said “BAH HUMBUG!” to this would-be criminal trying to steal an Amazon package off his neighbor’s porch. 49 more words


Did you just yawn? Oh, I know why! It’s nighttime in America now, isn’t it?

– 4 year old kindergarten boy

This kid has either forgotten that I currently live…

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Caught in the Act!

Jessica Jang

For being a supportive sister on rough days!

Taylor Ryan

For being a great sister and classmate! 

Congratulations girls, keep up the good work!

Do You Agree or Not Agree... that is the question?

Court held in the streets…

Agree or Not 

Father catches 2 childmolesters in the act and held court if front of the community, open and shut case…

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