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I’ve been a little slow on the draw lately, but I have been jotting down some pretty golden quotes. Here are a few that I haven’t posted in the last few weeks…

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Caught in the Act!

Here are the sisters who got Caught in the Act this week!

Jamie Alexander, Julia Ripple, Jenna Cassara, Riley Obrien, Lula Weldekidan, Sandra Demberger,Helen Rana,Maddi Valinski, Annie Sanger, and Kathryn Ward.

Caught In The Act

Unselfish Giving Or Show Business?

I make a living with some awareness of a social environment and what makes people tick.  One incentive that goes into what motivates actions of individuals will always be making sure they are liked.  710 more words

Woman Catches Chihuahua In Love Affair With Husband

You know shit’s bad when your mugshot is posted next to a dog.  Not a big dog like a Rott or German Shepard, but rather a small one.   122 more words

Stupid News

Now is the Winter of Our Malcontents

Winter is tough for kids. Getting outside is a huge chore because at least one mitten or sock or shoe is inevitably lost; coats are put on and then taken off in some distant corner of the house; and everyone seems to need help doing things that I could swear I’ve seen them do before. 363 more words

Alert Safeway Employees Save Woman From Losing Thousands In IRS Back Taxes Scam

Only weeks after Internal Revenue Service officials announced that more than 290,000 consumers have fallen victim to an ongoing back taxes scam in the last 15 months, alert employees at a Safeway supermarket in Washington prevented a woman from being added to the list of victims. 604 more words

Obscure TV Memories - Part 5.

Caught In The Act (BBC1, 1992)

In 1990, ITV launched You’ve Been Framed, a show which featured a lot of what were always called “home video howlers” 454 more words