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Guess What? We Have a Brand New Podcast Series—Just for You

It’s time for the big reveal: Act2, the official podcast of the Straz Center, launched last month on Soundcloud.

Let’s face it. Not everybody reads. 768 more words

Straz Center

Naughty Boy: NaPoWriMo 2018, Day 15

Naughty Boy

Donald met a speed bump. They’ve hung him out to dry.
He can’t understand for he is an upstanding guy.
He’s everybody’s hero. His daughter tells him so. 256 more words


The County Government of Kinmen Caught a Peeping Tom, it Was One of the Employees

Yeah uh, you got a GOVERNMENT employee, who was, a PEEPING tom here!!! From the Newspapers, translated…

A female employee of the Kinmen County Government two days ago, as she was going to the restrooms on the Combined Executive Building’s third floor restrooms, she’d found a cell phone that came through the cracks on the floors, secretly filming, it’d, shocked her she’d started screaming, and, caught this “peeping tom” with a coworker who was close by, and that was when they’d both discovered, that it was someone who worked for the county government office, and what’s more outrageous was, that this was the SECOND time it’d happened, and, the victim was the same person too, it’d, shocked the woman to not be able to go to the restrooms. 312 more words

Experiences Of Life

“We’re Taking You Out for Popsicles”, the Grandfather and Father Used the Five-Year-Old Young Child as a “Cover” for Them Buying the Illegal Substances

There are still, these GOD DAMN adults in this world that we live in right now, using a young child, as their, FALSE front, for what they were actually there to do, off the… 536 more words

Experiences Of Life

Porn Project: "Girls in Jail" Gets Attorney Caught With His Pants Down

A Florida attorney is being charged after he propositions several female inmates to perform sex for his porn series, “Girls in Jail.” 232 more words